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Generative Thinking

An amazing thing is happening in my world. Really good competent people are moving into key positions or blossoming within their current roles, and the synergies are astounding. 475 more words

Personal Growth

Driving home for Christmas...

As the old song goes… “Christmas time… mistletoe and wine… time to work to earn money to support yourself during your studies, gain experience and become more employable!” … 154 more words

Applying For Jobs

Making the Leap

This was very timely for the Daily Good to pop into my inbox today.  We are in the midst of finding out which area of the state T is going to be assigned for his job and that means I am in the midst of guessing where we might go and applying for jobs in those areas.   137 more words

I fought the law, and the law won!

My legal life: Sally Defriend – Lawyer, criminal law team, legal directorate, Ministry of Justice.

Initially I did a non-law undergraduate degree, then spent six years working in the NHS in administrative and managerial roles. 561 more words

Applying For Jobs

What Do You Know About This Job?

There seems to be an ongoing epidemic with job-seekers still applying for jobs they have no business applying for.  Listen, I’m all for reaching for the stars and going after what you want, but some things should really be left alone.   395 more words

Qualifications/ Skills

They tried to make me go to London, but I said no, no, no!

A recent report by the RSA Think Tank argues that encouraging graduates to live and work closer to home could be the ideal way to boost local economies. 605 more words

Applying For Jobs

A whole new world…a new fantastic point of view

Going back to work after the Christmas break requires adjustment but when you are asked on your first day back at work to go and work in Israel for 5 weeks it requires even more of an adjustment! 201 more words

Applying For Jobs