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Things Jobless People Do

I am currently jobless.

That’s right.

It’s done. And it was done with the intention of doing God’s will.

I’ve been thinking of all the things jobless people (a.k.a., me) do. 310 more words


Do you know where you're going to?

(Or, what can I do with my degree?)

It is now the time of year, for some of 2014’s graduates at least, when they have left university and returned to the family fold (or not as the case may be). 325 more words

Applying For Jobs

How To: 'Submit a CV of application via email.'

Two minutes ago I applied for a vacancy in Belfast that required me to ‘send a CV via email’. When you come across a job position that requires you to do this, I think it is a very simple process as opposed to filling out endless application forms – especially when your CV has all the related information. 195 more words


Asking my advice about skills and success? Don't be daft.

I got an email yesterday that made me laugh, not because it was funny, but because the sender clearly hasn’t read this blog in any detail. 463 more words

Other Writing

D&G Entry Level Jobs

About a year ago I volunteered to sit as a mentor on a Women in Foreign Policy Group event. Despite being the youngest mentor there (I may have misread the application and qualifications…) I learned an incredible deal from those I spoke with that evening. 519 more words

Applying For Jobs

Ranting and Raving

You know what I think is bullshit? How many years of experience employers want people to have before they can get a really good job after college. 422 more words

The 4 Very Official Stages Of The Post-Grad Job Search

Finding a job is hard because convincing someone that you are the most fabulous thing to happen to them since that time Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams unearthed themselves, popped out of the ground, and joined Beyonce onstage at the Super Bowl is hard. 1,154 more words