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New shoes

I still remember my very first job interview after finishing my degree at Kent, but for all the wrong reasons!

I decided to wear a brand new pair of shoes and once I had walked to the station to catch the train and then walked to the potential place of work I had blood pouring from my heels. 100 more words

Applying For Jobs

Phone Interview Hell: Trying To Get A Job You Don't Actually Want

I just had my first ever phone interview and it was terrifying.

I prepared the night before; I knew what I needed to know about the company, I understood the role and I felt I had the skills required. 710 more words

Who will buy my wonderful roses?

Whilst studying my last module at university, I started to apply for jobs for the summer and with no success and a few misleading job descriptions, I decided to bite the bullet and apply for work experience. 566 more words

Applying For Jobs

Student blog: Why should you join LinkedIn? By Kerrick Whalley

Why should you join LinkedIn? Well, this social network could land you a job. Recruiters and recruitment agents trawl through the site looking for candidates to fill their vacancies or those of their clients. 474 more words

Applying For Jobs

Have a little patience...

What’s your plan for after uni? You finish uni, get a good grade and then the perfect job falls at your feet after just one application? 306 more words

Applying For Jobs

Is Your Career All Over The Map?

Some people have those nice orderly transitions in their professional careers; you look at their resume and you can see education in a particular field followed by a work history that draws on that education. 882 more words

Job Search Advice

Applying for Jobs: You're Doing it Wrong

As a millennial, I can attest to the difficulties in landing a job fresh out of college. Mind you, I am not one of those people who slacked off and has as blank resume. 491 more words

Applying For Jobs