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targets and success.

nice sandals

gorgeous bag.

needed and loved companion Hazel …my stick.

but that picture says a lot…

it shows i TRY!

it shows i get up, dressed, as well as i can, do the makeup, the nails (my pamper fortnightly) and the nice handbag…my one high maintenance indulgence…..actually that bag has a wee stitch or two needed at the top…so showing wear like myself! 801 more words

Me And My Defects

Emporia City Commission Session

“Commission & Board”

Emporia City Commission Session 5/15/2013

Jameson was published on Emporia Gazette.

Jameson was appointed to serve for Emporia Human Relations Commission.


What Now?

- – Follow-up on the test ordered from my last visit.  Both the Carotid Ultrasound and the Echocardiogram were completely normal.   The blood test for my cholesterol level was improved from the last one 6 months ago. 314 more words

Keys ...

I rarely leave my key’s where they are supposed to be that is also the reason why I am always late… Maybe I should get a device for finding them in an instant. 36 more words


Dealing with the unexpected

Everything was going great with my IVF journey this time. It seemed so much easier this cycle. Maybe it’s because it’s my third attempt and I’m often called an “IVF pro” or maybe it’s because I’m highly knowledgeable on how the IVF process works. 1,031 more words


…wanted to do something before I had to go… had plenty of time… at the end I decided to take a nap and do it later… was about to be late for the appointment… but sleeping was still the better choice.
Just Lazy Stuff