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Getting excited about Monday....

TGIF!!! I am so excited about our appointment with the Jones Institute on Monday that I can’t contain myself! Lol. Yesterday, I had lunch with my boss and told her about my plans and luckily she seems ok with it. 253 more words



Yesterday I went to the hairdresser, because my hair was simply to long… So in order to stay away from them as long as possible I told them I wanted short hair… As it is now it looks good, but I am so freezing, since my hair was always covering my back … kind of regret it now, but it looks so good … Good thing now I can buy more scarves and I need less time to put my hair in order since it’s short and there is not so much of it here now. 6 more words

targets and success.

nice sandals

gorgeous bag.

needed and loved companion Hazel …my stick.

but that picture says a lot…

it shows i TRY!

it shows i get up, dressed, as well as i can, do the makeup, the nails (my pamper fortnightly) and the nice handbag…my one high maintenance indulgence…..actually that bag has a wee stitch or two needed at the top…so showing wear like myself! 801 more words

Me And My Defects

Emporia City Commission Session

“Commission & Board”

Emporia City Commission Session 5/15/2013

Jameson was published on Emporia Gazette.

Jameson was appointed to serve for Emporia Human Relations Commission.


What Now?

- – Follow-up on the test ordered from my last visit.  Both the Carotid Ultrasound and the Echocardiogram were completely normal.   The blood test for my cholesterol level was improved from the last one 6 months ago. 314 more words

Keys ...

I rarely leave my key’s where they are supposed to be that is also the reason why I am always late… Maybe I should get a device for finding them in an instant. 36 more words