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slow down, yo

Isn’t my hair beautiful? That’s day 2 of my half assed attempt at a French braid. It’s the only way to keep my hair out of my face for several days at a time without irritating my scalp, and I love this hairstyle thankyouverymuch. 496 more words



When we moved from our house in town to our house 15 minutes from town, my husband and I started a list of all of the out-of-ordinary animals we saw (or evidence of them) around our property. 696 more words


Live Each Day As If It's Your Last

Today I received news that a friend passed away. It came as a shock and then the sadness hit, that feeling that gets you in the pit of your stomach. 137 more words

Cracked Window Shields and Other Insignificant Things

Yesterday as I drove to work, the small chip in my window shield that had been daring me for many months to get it filled, cracked bigger. 384 more words

Gratitude Challenge: Day 21 Habit Day?

I am pretty proud of myself! For the past 20 days without fail, I have posted 5 things each day that I was grateful for. I never missed a day, even when I had to wrack my brain to come up with  708 more words

Personal Updates

Gratitude Challenge: Day 20 Happy Halloween!

Five things I am grateful for today: October 31, 2014 Friday

  1. I paid all my bills for the month of November, yay! It always feels nice, and hopefully I can budget better this month!
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Personal Updates

Gratitude Challenge: Day 19

Five things I am grateful for today: October 30, 2014 Thursday

  1. I am able to have my dad’s Post 911 GI Bill pay for my tuition and pay me a monthly living stipend.
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Personal Updates