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What draws you in?

When you plan out vacation time…where do you go? San Diego? Hawaii? Monterey? Do you go to the same places all of the time?

What are you drawn to? 345 more words

A Little More

The hostess slipped two menus off the desk. “Right this way, please.” I smiled to myself as we passed by the high chairs. That’s right, two. 655 more words


15K's and Chocolate

The weekend before last (I’m known for late post, just to be clear), I participated in a 15K race (~9 miles for those who don’t know). 317 more words

A Happy Moment

(Today’s) Happiness is┬ásleeping in (too ashamed to share my wake-up time), doing mindless laptop-ing when listening to sons playing monopoly, husband cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and be fed a slice of melt-in-the-mouth pork loin with just the right touch of spiciness and sweetness. 357 more words

Joie De Vivre

Love Through the Coughs and Wheezes

It’s 2am and my head rests on your stuffed giraffe. I shift uncomfortably on the floor next to your bed and listen to your breathing. 487 more words


"Where does the sky end?"

Here’s why I love kids, and why they make my day better (sometimes):

Where does the sky end?

Explaining to a five year old why the sky doesn’t technically end and her saying “wow, I finally understand” has literally been the best part of my entire week. 194 more words

How to Stay Sane When You Think for a Living

I’m also titling this piece “A Note to my Writerly Self.” For those of you who are eavesdropping on my inner-monologue, I’m a ghostwriter and a fiction novelist. 817 more words