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I was born today, 28 years ago.

Another year has passed. I’ve gained another number in age. I am now closer to 30.

Last night I was with my best girlfriends, drank a little white wine & giggled a lot. 631 more words

The Real Stuff

In rememberance and reverance

A thought provoking perspective. We never know each night as we go to sleep, any moment spent with a loved one, or any other part of our day that we make take for granted may very well be our last. 545 more words


Appreciate Life

Everything comes in place when you learn how to Wait. And special things stay in place when you learn how to Care and Appreciate.

Learning to be patient and continue to take necessary steps to get what you are working hard to achieve is definitely worth it. 39 more words

NHCouture By Nikki Boutique

A Date With Death


I dressed casual

formal attire not required at this time

we met at an outdoor cafe’

I had coffee, hazelnut cream and just a little sugar… 148 more words

To All Those That Worry--Today I Choose Joy

I couldn’t tell how big the snake was. Maybe four feet. No doubt it had a rattle on the end. I had just glanced outside to check on our boys playing with the dog in the front when I spotted it, curled up on our porch. 805 more words


The Power of Gratitude in Achieving What You Desire

The key to achieving what you desire and harnessing the law of attraction is being grateful for what you already have. Gratitude allows us to focus our energy on the positive things that are already in our lives, allowing us to be aware of the abundance that surrounds us and increase that abundance. 327 more words

Mind Garden

Unbreaking My Brain - Part 1

Many of you read my post “The Year my Brain Broke.” I am planning on following it up with the steps I am taking to reclaim my brain.

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