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I cried all the way home today. I don’t know their story, she looked a little younger than my daughter, I drove right past her trying not to look, but kind of seeing it anyway.  412 more words



As summers go in Pueblo, this one was relatively mild. We had only a few days of near 100-degree weather, and one of those was this month, breaking a 90-year record. 934 more words


Multiplied Smiles

Pull in Loving Kindness when you find things to smile about. Commit to that and watch the opportunities multiply.

Right Brain

It's in the discomfort where we learn the MOST

We live in a world of instant gratification. Of fast food drive thrus and microwaves, where the click of a key allows us to pay a bill, buy a birthday present or reconnect with your past, all in a quick minute. 892 more words


Ten Thing Monday

Well, last Monday slipped by nearly unnoticed, and to be honest that was a good thing. In fact, I could just tuck all of last week away in a nice, bright envelope and shoot it out into orbit for all the good it did me. 227 more words


Grace to Be Found

don’t stew in negativity over such a dear friend. not good for either of you. no grace involved, although there’s much grace to be found in forgiveness.

Right Brain

The Mystery of Daylight

The moon whispers of her nuance, her hidden places

and her sovereignty over night, as the night hawk flies I hear

the cries and wonder at the solitude of her flight. 68 more words