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Four-Legged Solace

dogs are your solace, reflections of many facets of your life. you are solace to them, too.

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Animated shorts

Here are two animated shorts that I really like. If you haven’t seen them, take a moment to; they’re beautiful.

This one’s by Ryan Woodward. It came out a while ago, and I’ve loved it ever since. 47 more words

Me, Too

there are many people on your side, dear one. they want to see you happy. add yourself to the list.

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Thank You

In case anyone is wondering:

always carefully check email notices of blog ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ but stop there, don’t pursue. have thought about emailing them to thank them and try for interaction, but it looks like it would be ‘public’ instead of personal.

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This is a Given

expressing gratitude’s always appropriate – a positive force for the receiver and you.

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Loving Kindness is the only true security: ever-lasting, pure & entirely on your side. your biggest fan! let that love – fervor – roll over you in waves of peace.

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Ten-Thing Monday

1. Yoga. I forget how much I enjoy yoga when I don’t do it for a while. This weekend, I did one of my favorite routines which includes balance, stretching and strength poses. 458 more words