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Take Stock and Appreciate

No one would ever mistake me for an optimist.  In fact, survey my friends throughout my lifetime, and I suspect the best you’ll come up with is “cautious realist”. 1,215 more words

Judgmental and another appreciation please

People now a days judge easily.. Who are you to judge? I know people have their own opinion and reactions. But please have some limitations…. So yeah.. 109 more words

Rise and Set

“The sun is new each day.” – Heraclitus

May you rise and set as easy and sure as the sun. Grateful for the day that has passed, moving softly into rest to prepare for the next. 42 more words



When I was little, I used to press flowers and leaves inside the pages of my books. I didn’t remember that I did this until a few days ago when I came across a dried autumn leaf pressed inside an old journal of mine. 485 more words



immerse in the texts of your beliefs

freedom can be found between the lines.

oh, how sweet are these pages you turn

filled with fluent words… 84 more words

Where does your value come from?

“Is a jar of clay still valuable if it has a tarnish on it?”

I found myself texting that question to my dear friend Lady J this morning. 577 more words

Being Present

The Ups and the Downs

I have come to the conclusion that life is ALL about ups and downs.  If we were constantly up, we’d learn to be less appreciative.  So, I can appreciate the downs too.  291 more words