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July 8 - My Personal Year Of Gratitude, Day 189 - Unexplained Mysteries

Today I am grateful for unexplained mysteries.

I’ve been curious about this stuff since I was a teenager. I read a book about UFOs and then another book on unexplained mysteries that had a section on UFOs. 284 more words


July 7 - My Personal Year Of Gratitude, Day 188 - Paul Gotts

(I’m not exactly sure what happened with my momentum a couple of weeks back, but for some reason, I let myself get behind again. No worries. 351 more words


Courage and Power

I was with some new friends yesterday and I was taken by one person’s experience of showing courage and inner power that he then felt. When I first was introduced to this man yesterday, I saw a kind and rather shy person. 113 more words


Pictures Like Postcards

At several stops on our trip, often from high points overlooking grand views, travelers on our trip have commented, “It looks like a postcard!” It’s a common expression at tourist destinations and one that comes naturally for most people, probably because we more often see beautiful sights in postcard or picture form than in real life. 436 more words

Thankful Thursday: July 24

This week I am thankful for:

  • Teaching old people to text: this week my mom and my aunt decided to teach my grandmother how to text.
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