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Why apprenticeships are a valuable option after College/ University

Okay, first I’m going to give you a little bit of back story. I left high school in 2009, with 13 GCSE’s all A – C; even though high school was not a pleasurable time for me, nor anyone else, I did achieve to the best of my ability and left feeling accomplished. 757 more words

Easter Time for Facebook

So with the first quarter of the year over (financially) we are starting the second quarter rather optimistically as a company purely because of the two bank holidays this Friday and Monday….(WOOOOOOO) not only that but everyone is excited that we proceeded our expectations on last quarter which means a lovely bonus for them. 201 more words


Always Two There Are...A Master and An Apprentice...

Let’s be honest – cross stitching is not exactly the trendiest hobby to have. In fact, when many people hear the words “cross stitch” or “needlework”, it conjures up the image of a little old granny wearing her hand-knitted sweater stitching away on a linen handkerchief and complaining about how the weather is affecting her arthritis. 491 more words

Cross Stitch

Obama's $600 Million Plan to Help You Get a (Better) Job

In a joint appearance at a community college in Pennsylvania Wednesday, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden announced $600 million in investments in job training programs. 369 more words

Apprenticeships made easy: Futures Apprenticeship Agency partners with NBV

Have you ever thought about taking on an apprentice?

If so, this is the perfect place to start.

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Flash Fiction: Deathless (2006 words)

Lediah’s Name Day passed in all the usual ways.

The night before was almost sleepless, and the first few hours of the morning passed between nervous shakes and stifled yawns. 2,017 more words


MUA Seeks Apprenticeship

Looking for a 3-8 day apprenticeship with a Makeup Artist (or triple threat) in Asheville, NC; Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham, NC; San Francisco, CA; or Austin, TX. 26 more words