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Breaking Habits

The past few months have been really educational, in a number of ways. Obviously, I’ve learned a ton about coding, a bit about software consulting, and have started to understand how the tech world operates. 830 more words

Easter Time for Facebook

So with the first quarter of the year over (financially) we are starting the second quarter rather optimistically as a company purely because of the two bank holidays this Friday and Monday….(WOOOOOOO) not only that but everyone is excited that we proceeded our expectations on last quarter which means a lovely bonus for them. 201 more words


Obama's $600 Million Plan to Help You Get a (Better) Job

In a joint appearance at a community college in Pennsylvania Wednesday, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden announced $600 million in investments in job training programs. 369 more words

Weekly Retrospective: April 7 – 11

Last week, my focus was on my SOLID Principles presentation, and Clojure TTT. In general, public speaking is not really my thing. It is something that I’ve have gotten better at in recent years and that I’ve worked hard at improving on, but still, it is kind of scary. 349 more words

Eleanor Yeo Website Build

Eleanor Yeo Website Build

Each of the apprentices has been given a pilot business to work for as a way to build their skills and experience; one of the tasks includes a website. 564 more words

Cosmic News

journey post 24--Honest to God, part 2, Discovering the good father who is there

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”                                                                                                                                     —Thoreau

The voice in my head was a not-so-gentle urging:  “Take another look, Donkey….”  Donkey: my African name.  1,155 more words

The Journey

I Will Never Throw in the Towel

Reflection point: Which acts of service made you feel joyful?

To start off, I would like to say that I did not even read the chapter before I had my experiences with the different acts of service. 497 more words