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Why I Chose To Be A Chef's Apprentice

There is an old Chinese saying, roughly translated, that says, “It’s better to have traveled a thousand miles than to have read a thousand books.” 812 more words


Renamed and crumpled

I renamed my 374-page,
10-year anthology.

It’s now called
“Pile of Crumpled Papers”

– what my one good poem
was built on.


Nuts About Rancho Vignola

For those who know me outside of this blog, you’ll know that I work with our church, The Table, as an Apprentice focused on sustainable food and community development. 402 more words


Lewis Davies - An Introduction

Who, What, Where, Why, When and How? Apparently If I answer all these you’ll know everything about me which is exactly what I want to achieve with my first post. 580 more words


Use industry trends to advise students

Extract from
Australian Career Services Newsletter Volume 22, Issue 4 — SEPTEMBER 2014

Using industry trends to advise students and clients

If you attended the ACS Seminars in August, you will be familiar with Adecco. 837 more words


Jobs for the next generation (2)

Last week I echoed Vancouver journalist Chuck Chiang’s complaint that Asian parents in Canada want their young to go to university, not into the trades. They want doctors and lawyers. 355 more words


11th September 2014 - Letters to Nan

Hi Nan,

I just thought I would tell you that I did my trial day for the apprenticeship I went for but unfortunately I didn’t get the job. 161 more words