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Social media etiquette & talking about death – what’s your view?

At Away For A Bit, we want to know what your view is when it comes to social media etiquette and how we talk about death. 86 more words

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Women's Business Casual Clothing

I decided to dedicate my first post on this blog to appropriate business clothing for women.

Back in March when my placement was approaching, the main thing I was worrying about was what I was going to wear for the next seven weeks – what am I going to wear on my first day? 89 more words

Brief 5: Appropriate: British BakeOff "Baking For Dummies" Video

Here is my finalised video inspired by the British BakeOff. I came up with this concept of showing the consumers how to bake visually. I wanted to produce the video at a faster rate to make the final outcome fast and informative without any speech or type.

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Christmas music: what you need to get you into the spirit!

Thanksgiving is almost here, with Christmas following. Soon we will all be running around, trying to get last minute presents for our friends and family. Now, I know that we all think it’s ridiculous that Walmart has had Christmas decorations on display since the day after Halloween, but even you can’t say that you haven’t gotten a little excited for the big day. 269 more words

Brief 5 Appropriate: Inspiration...British BakeOff

Whilst thinking about how I could represent my, I thought about how I could create a video inspired by the dummy books, for example ‘cooking for dummies’ and ‘driving for dummies’, but instead of giving a step by step instructive approach. 20 more words

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Great British Bake Off Controversy

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Baked Alaska Episode

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