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Quest for happiness

What are we looking for in our lives? In order to attain happiness we play different characters throughout our lives, and forget that we ourselves are persons at first place and that specific character at the second. 147 more words

A-Z April '14

The Appropriate Selection Of Bath Mirrors

All bathrooms have a need to-have accessory &#8211 a mirror. A mirror is utilised not only for use in each day life, but also for use in the interior of the bathroom. 25 more words

Daily Ideas

Mediation: uses and abuses

Musings on Mediation: appropriate and inappropriate uses The Law Society of Western Australia held its Law Summer School in late February at the University of Western Australia. 1,045 more words


Is it ok to socialize with co-workers outside the office (bars, etc), especially on social media? -Nia, Philly area

Nia, you win the award for the timeliest question I have been asked so far this year! Socializing with co-workers, particularly via social media, is one of the most complex issues we face in beginning, advancing and protecting our careers. 1,181 more words


Every evening as I trudge homewards there’s one window that reminds me of you, always lit with a starry night hung behind its pane. There’s such majesty in its strokes, even through its printed ink facade, a beckoning reminiscence captured in reproduction. 57 more words