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Your Smartphone Will Soon Know If You Have Bipolar Disorder

In the United States, 1 in 50 people over the age of 25 have some form of bipolar disorder. In fact, the United States has more cases of bipolar I and II per-capita… 288 more words


Get in the Brain Game by Michele Muth

If you are like me and you are having trouble remembering things like the name of the actor from that movie…oh, you know the one! It’ll come to me.. 327 more words

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Chrome Android Beta Gets Single Sign-In For Google Sites And New Material Design Looks

Google has a hit on its hands with Material Design in my opinion, which is why it’s great to see it already making its way into some products ahead of Android L’s general consumer launch. 315 more words


The Room 1 + 2 : knock, knock - who's there?

How exciting can one room be? The room I am in, for example, is full of empty cups scarred with beige tea stains, a bulging ashtray and a withered looking guitar, making it about as exciting as a sauna full of politicians – depending on your perspective. 410 more words


Ball Buster Blast Match 3 Game

Have you heard of Ball Buster Blast? It’s a match 3 game that’s completely designed for the male audience! There’s sports, fire, electricity, and a supermodel host who has been in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition five years running. 33 more words

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How to Use Jobr App to Find a Job

The new app Jobr has been described as the Tinder for jobs. If you’re currently seeking a new job, here’s how you can use Jobr to find a job and engage with recruiters. 278 more words