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Make Yourself Into an Emoji with the iMoji App

By Nadia Noir

The Japanese created emojis to express emotions that couldn’t be accurately described via text. Like “pizza.” Everyone knows that the pizza emoji isn’t just hunger, but signifies a way of life filled with kicking back, playing video games, and living life to the fullest. 178 more words


Larry Magid: San Jose Domestic Violence Prevention Summit Deals With Stalking & Trafficking Through Technology

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— A domestic violence prevention summit is underway in San Jose where the focus is on issues dealing with technology, stalking and trafficking. 323 more words


One location based app, many devices – responsive layouts to the rescue!

Today I am going to discuss a problem that many developers face when designing a website in 2014; the rapidly expanding number of devices on which it can be accessed. 415 more words


People you will encounter on Fling.

So there’s a new app making waves amongst the smart phone generation called ”Fling”. When i first heard of it I thought it was a new Tinder because of the name, but actually it’s basically a new snapchat except you send pictures to random strangers all over the world. 502 more words

Slightly Obscure.

ISTE 2014 Poster Session Handout

I’ve had requests for the handout from my poster session at ISTE 2014, so I’m adding it to a series of posts with resources and links from  my session. 21 more words

Instagram's Answer to Snapchat, Bolt, Is Here — But There's a Catch

It’s official, Instagram’s SnapChat rival Bolt is launching in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. But don’t worry, Instagram plans on rolling it out to other countries soon. 97 more words

Social Media

Getting in Ship Shape with @GetFitMicki

Social media can be a wonderful too for bringing people together, sharing common goals and supporting one another. Weight loss in particular is often shared not just with friends and family but with the world. 1,120 more words