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Go Smart

I restarted blogging only recently.
New city, new life, new habits.
For some months I have spent little time at home, I had so much to discover. 384 more words


Pinch, click and zoom

If you’re used to a keyboard and mouse, an iPad takes some getting used to. After your first lesson, zooming in and ‘pinch to close’ become second nature – make sure your iPad is set up so that you can use the full range of multitouch gestures to move between open apps at lightning speed.


CamCard Free - Business Card

My Review:
CamCard is your mobile business contacts. It reads and saves your business cards.

What i love about this app is you can quickly exchange e-cards with contacts on spot via QR code or nearby contacts. 125 more words


cloth app review

lately, i’ve been more obsessed than usual with organizing my closet.  since the great closet sweep of 2013, i’ve been looking for ways to make my wardrobe more… 265 more words


Futuristic eye wear short film

This is an interesting short film about futuristic eyewear. This really pushes the boundaries on how we will use augmented eyewear in the future to interact socially. 52 more words

App Bounty: Make at least $1 dollar a day with just your phone!

App Bounty is an app for Android and Ios that rewards you points for trying apps for at least 30 seconds. They will have a big list of all the apps available for download. 146 more words


Avoid Google when possible!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Google to bits but we need to make sure our kids are researching smartly! With the support from ITS I’ve been able to installed a number of web shortcuts on the Junior School iPads. 233 more words