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Morning Rounds, 7:30 p.m.

The tower beds are ready for planting, one half of the big third coming up garlic and the other half I don’t know, I’ll have to check the book; the second third calendula, the happy orange flower that blooms profusely. 560 more words

The AlbariƱo time machine

I knew that smell. It was as familiar as my father’s laughter. Tonight marked my first experience with an AlbariƱo, a bright, piercing white wine with an aroma that evoked Trolli gummy snacks and…something else. 124 more words

April 16, 2014

Math 3/AMDM–Unit 5 exam. Unit 6 begins tomorrow.

AMDM–Learned a new definition of cycle today, as it applies to vertex edge graphs. We also played more with the knight’s tour, expanding to and 8×8 board. 29 more words


April 15, 2014

Math 3/AMDM–Finished up the unit packet, then reviewed for tomorrow’s exam. Notes: Notes 041514 review Notes 041514 packet

AMDM–Worked through a few examples of the Knight’s tour problem. 20 more words


Sultana, apricot & honey flapjacks

Flapjacks are something that my boys often ask me to make for them. They usually prefer them plain, but this time I’m hoping this fruity version will meet with their approval. 99 more words

Traybakes & Slices

Young n Fruity

April now and it’s warming up slowly, but still cool enough at nights for some heating. In less than a month’s time we’ll start the long dry season of summer, but for now we have sun, and we have rain – a mixed bunch every couple of days… Certainly it’s good for the trees, excellent for the veggies, and the weeds, well, that’s another story. 35 more words


Apricot Couronne - Easter

Just a quick Easter Recipe!
This was made before my sugar free days and I’ll probably make it post sugar free but with sugar free ingredients :) 27 more words

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