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The Spotted Pig

First of all, I liked the name. I thought it had a British ring to it, which turned out to be a correct hunch. They seem to have a proclivity for calling things “spotted,” (although sometimes it’s a bit of a blunder: calling a dessert spotted dick, for instance, conjures up far lewder images than a cake dotted with dried fruit). 719 more words



I love The Mind of a Chef. When the first season came back in November 2012 I was instantly hooked. The way the creators tap into the creative process, way of thinking and philosophy of a chef is unlike anything else I’ve seen on TV. 258 more words

Food, Farms + Fire: Day Trip to the Hudson Valley

We were so excited to get out of the city yesterday and drive up to the Hudson Valley for the Northern Chef’s Alliance Play With Fire lunch… 477 more words

April Bloomfield

Mind Of A Chef

When the next season of Mind Of A Chef pops up on Netflix, good luck getting me out of the house! Just kidding…sort of. I just really like Anthony Bourdain and his shows. 591 more words


Salvation Taco review

Just because the two-bite-sized taco in your right hand bears no resemblance whatsoever to the ones you ate at that cute little Tex-Mex cocina outside of Houston, or the ones they deep-fried and served from oars on the beach in Ixtapa, doesn’t mean that this isn’t a taco. 574 more words

New York Restaurants

A lot of meat and an"exercise high"

We broke down and got a Kamado Grill, and the family is really loving it so far.  We got the Vision Pro S. I have already used it to put together some really good meals. 163 more words

General Stuff

Chef Bowien to Curate Brooklyn Taste Talks Festival

The Taste Talks food festival will be back in Brooklyn this September 12th-14th for the second consecutive year. Top talent in the food industry from chefs to critics to writers will be gathering to discuss and reflect on the future of taste. 220 more words

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