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Confessions of Middle School

Sifting through construction sites way after dark
Sneaking your dogs into private parks

Shoes on the carpet, showing up late
Telling your grandfather how you masturbate… 293 more words

April Fools

"Crumbs" a short story

Last August, as part of a writing exercise while riding a plane to Portland, I started this story.  11 months later, I finished my first short story since around 2005.   38 more words

14. "Describe yourself in the third person - your physical appearance and personality - as though you were a character in a book."

Waiting a moment before he entered the room, he stood with two fingers on the door handle, composing himself.  He was certainly dressed the part, wearing grey slacks he’d had tailored in Thailand and a blue and white gingham shirt that was the newest addition to his closet.   379 more words

365 Photo Challenge – Week 14

As mentioned in the 3 Degrees post we’ve had a huge project on the go and I’ve got quite behind in weekly roundups of the 365 Challenge.   424 more words

365 Photo Challenge

Showbiz Nơi mỗi ngày đều là Cá tháng Tư

Không lâu sau khi Adele ẵm 6 giải Grammy 2012, bỗng nhiên xuất hiện hàng loạt ảnh cô hồi nhỏ cùng “những kỉ niệm thơ ấu” do người cha từng bỏ rơi mẹ con cô kể lại; Adele ngay lập tức phản ứng dữ dội “Tôi sẽ không bao giờ gặp mặt ông ta nữa”. 2,799 more words

Dạ Ly


Frankie returned from a field trip to the Robert Crown Center for Health Education curious about virginity.  “Can’t you just give it away?  Where did you lose yours?”  Not surprising; as a three-year old, he stood in the bathroom as I stepped out of the shower, nodding, “That’s a big penis you have, Dad.” “Why thank you son.”  Pretending to toss him a set of keys, I grinned, “Don’t keep the car out too late.” 243 more words