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This Is The Part When... @AprilShowers Shows You Her Skills

Great work of art April, face painted, dance on point, outfit so fishy… we’re glad you “Break Free” cuz we can’t resist either!

Drag Queen

Polka Dot Pink Lady @itsAprilShowers

Ripples in Long Beach got to see this polka dot princess last night.

The Month in Review - July

Wow what a month it’s been!

I thought it would be nice to recap ahead of what will probably be a fairly quiet August and September as I head into my busiest time in my day job. 447 more words


@itsAprilShowers Goes There... Rihanna Style

This is so good, pushing the edge and doing it with style.

Talk About WTF Fridays With @AprilShowers

Oh Yes She Betta Do! Now  we know why they call Friday nights at Shark Club WTF Fridays.  April Shows pulled out all the stops and she let her animal instinct take over, she’s a Zebra!

World Cup WIPs!

Well, it’s over. Germany won and deservedly so. Congratulations also to the Netherlands for their third place victory and my subsequent £6 win in the work sweepstake! 234 more words


Happy 4th Of July From @ItsAprilShowers

From all of us, to all of you, Happy Independence Day America, Happy “good riddance” day Brits.