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When @itsAprilShowers Is Burnin' Up

Yes!!! We may have to visit this fierce queen Friday.

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"April Showers" By Edith Wharton

“BUT Guy’s heart slept under the violets on Muriel’s grave.”

It was a beautiful ending; Theodora had seen girls cry over last chapters that weren’t half as pathetic. 3,702 more words

Short Story

.@AprilShowers Heard About The Flannel Trend Coming Back

Pretty sure she’s way too fishy to follow the trend, we don’t mind.

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It's All Good In The Hood Right April Showers?

There’s something a little off about this little red… ahhhh wolf!

Drag Queen

The Surprise Return Of @AdoreDelano To Sour Puss

The surprise return home gave Adore the opportunity to visit area clubs.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Spinning On @AprilShowers' Web

Spooky spidey sense with the return of Adore to Sour Puss last night.

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