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Today in 'Frozen' WTF: Anna and Elsa do 'Thriller' dance, Backstreet Boys -- VIDEO

Are you off the Frozen train? It’s okay if you are. Most people seem to be, in fact, except…they’re not. The soundtrack for the wildly popular November movie just hit its… 237 more words

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'Nashville' joins proud tradition of unorthodox clip shows: 5 more that stand out

So it’s come to this: A Nashville clip show.

Kinda. On Wednesday, instead of another soapy installment of country-fried drama, ABC will air an hourlong “ 739 more words


the Write Randoms

* pin up girl = voodoo doll *

com’roberate = corroborating with a comrade

I don’t have a writer’s block when it comes to finishing this series, I have a… 96 more words


'Top Chef' favorites want you to eat Oreo-crusted chicken fingers -- VIDEO

Watch out, Cap’n Crunch Buffalo chicken tenders — there’s a new stoner snack in town.

That’s right: The chicken strips pictured above are dredged in flour, dipped in an egg wash, then shaken in a plastic bag with a mixture of parsley, salt, pepper, panko breadcrumbs… and, oh yeah, 15 cookies’ worth of Oreo wafers. 190 more words


I miss you, S Club 7: Remembering the Brit-pop group's 20 best songs

Do you know what today is? It just happens to be the 15th anniversary of Miami 7, a little TV show about a cheery pop band that premiered in Britain in the spring of ‘99. 1,013 more words


Ok so this happened...

Odd things happen to me with interesting frequency, but I don’t usually share them because they’re either TOO odd, or would only be of interest to me. 601 more words


Why buy the cow when you get the milk for $3.50?

Did you know the average dairy cow weighs 1200 lbs and puts out about 8 gallons of milk a day? Annnnd, you have to keep breeding the poor milkbeast. 192 more words

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