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Baby Steps in the Second Century of Radio

Everyone is talking about where the hobby is going in this “Second Century” of amateur radio and big ideas are falling like rain. Here’s something fairly simple that I’d like to see come to fruition. 286 more words

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9,127 Miles on 30m RP APRS

Neat receptions on HF APRS Tuesday night July 22nd EDT (July 23rd UTC).

While monitoring 30m RP APRS in “RX only” mode Tuesday night, N1ZZZ /MM heard some of my 30m robust packet APRS test beacons at 8,372 miles (13,473 km) out. 165 more words

Robust Packet

Kenwood DM710 APRS Setup Recommendations for VK


BAND-B:  Use this band for your voice operations.  Use it on 2m, 440
or even receiving on 1296 FM and many other commercial bands. 1,963 more words

N1ZZZ /MM Update 8 - July 20th

For those folks wondering when Jeremy will “come out of the dark” on APRS, your patience will be rewarded soon.  Instead of coming home via the Mediterranean Sea they will be going down around southern Africa and up through the south Atlantic. 227 more words

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SK6BA Fieldday 2014 Video

SK6BA Fieldday is a ham radio event i really enjoy. A perfect time for meeting friends, making new friends, testing equipment, compare antennas etc.

The fieldday had many fun activities like HF, VHF, UHF, CW, APRS, D-star, antenna projects and more. 27 more words

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Field Day 2014 HF RP APRS Test

Note:  Previously published to the NET30R BBS systems and RP mailing list on June 25th. Withheld from “public” posting here till after the fact for security reasons in case Jeremy was /MM again in risky waters. 351 more words

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A Ham's Work is Never Done

My two pursuits of late- my garden and my ham shack are very similar, neither is ever finished and both require constant maintenance.

I’ve been working hard in the garden cutting trenches for irrigation, drainage and some electrics which I will document in my other blog. 590 more words

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