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debian packages

List installed packages

  # dpkg --get-selections
  # dpkg --list

List the files contained within an installed package

  # dpkg --listfiles <installed-package>

Update local cache

  # apt-get update
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On to the Desktop

I put Ubuntu on my desktop computer today. I used the same process I did for my laptop and I had no issues with the installation. 71 more words

Saturday Post: Steam and Ubuntu MATE!

Hey all,

Busy week, school holidays just started. (yay) I’ve been messing around with Steam a lot lately, bought a couple of games off the Humble Bundle and stuff. 214 more words

Saturday Post

Concatenate string and int in python 3.4

I’m new to Python, so I’ve been running through my own set of exercises to simply start memorizing basic functions and syntax. I’m using Pycharm IDE and Python 3.4. 67 more words


How to solve apt-get update "404 Not Found - Failed to Fetch" errors on Ubuntu

Recently I attempted to install new software on my laptop using the Ubuntu standard apt-get. As per usual, first I attempted to update the system with: 251 more words

404 Not Found