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How to solve apt-get update "404 Not Found - Failed to Fetch" errors on Ubuntu

Recently I attempted to install new software on my laptop using the Ubuntu standard apt-get. As per usual, first I attempted to update the system with: 251 more words

404 Not Found

ubuntu not enough free space

I went to do updates today and I got the following message. Seems my /boot partition doesn’t have enough space to update to the newest kernel. 657 more words


Using gnome-terminal instead of xterm on Mininet

Hello guys,

Usually, people tend to use the mininet prompt ( “mininet>” ) to do small tests, but when doing more “elegant” tests, people tend to open xterminal (xterm) to all or some virtualized nodes. 116 more words


Vagrant Cloud Deployment First Impressions with OpenStack

Vagrant describes itself as a tool to create VM based development environments, allowing it to be shared between¬†developers. By default it sets up a local… 1,718 more words


Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

This happen when apt-get install was unsuccessful.
Solution that worked for me:
– Go into /var/lib/dpkg/info and remove everything related to
– Same for /var/cache/apt/archives
And then:
sudo apt-get remove

Yum vs. Apt

Linux users are familiar with their command line and tend to gravitate towards certain habits that may be hard to break or influence. This includes their text editors (Vi, Vim or Nano?) and, their package managers. 412 more words

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