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RMT Sunday: History Repeating?

For this “Riddle Me This” Sunday post, I’m wondering how APUSH, The Bill of Right Institute, and Common Core all fit together.

First up, the article that has me pondering: 1,437 more words

Riddle Me This Sunday

Sic' 'Em Saturday: CCSS, Too Big for Your Britches

Common Core Fever has caused some states to get too haughty, or too big for their britches. Let’s examine.

First, a bit of background:

“Too big for your britches”.  1,334 more words



No assessment due on Monday, December 1st. Repeat, no assessment due on Monday, December 1st. Have a great rest during your break!


To my AP US History Class, RE: Ferguson

Yesterday, my APUSH (as us young’uns call it) teacher began the class with a summarizing video about Ferguson from CNN.  What we talked primarily about were the details of the Michael Brown’s death.   516 more words


What the Opponents of the New AP Standards Don't Get

This post is in partnership with the History News Network, the website that puts the news into historical perspective. The article below was originally published at… 971 more words

APUSH- 11/5/14

  • Period 4 Presentations-
    • Louisiana Purchase
    • Women’s Suffrage
    • Abolitionism
    • Texas Independence
    • Indian Removal
    • Bank War
    • Tripolitan War
    • Utopian Communities
    • Missouri Compromise
    • Panic of 1837
  • Everyone else needs to be ready next period!

Nice job overall so far!

Class Activities