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AQA ELLA2: Return of the Native: Speech and Its Representation

Comprehensive commentaries interspersed with mind map worksheets, discussion points and activities, which analyse and lead student exploration through Thomas Hardy’s Return of the Native, specifically its speech and its representation. 178 more words


Haydn's Symphony No.104 AQA AS Set Work Student Guide

Detailed analysis, contextual information and essay guidance ensure students are thoroughly prepared for the exam. Ease your class into AS Level analysis with clear, comprehensive notes that move from a historical and structural overview to small-scale detail. 223 more words


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Up-to-date analysis of exam-relevant issues for A Level Government & Politics

Up-to-date analysis of exam-relevant issues for A Level Government & Politics. Brings out the relevance to their exams through discussion and exam-style questions. 286 more words


Tricky Questions with Explanations for AQA and Edexcel AS Economics Unit 1

Carefully constructed multiple-choice question bank, designed to challenge your students. Detailed commentary provides student-friendly explanations of why each answer is right or wrong.

Superb constructive feedback on every question, including advice on: 229 more words


Keyword Activities for AQA GCSE PE

Ensure students get to grips with keywords with fantastic topic-by-topic activities for GCSE AQA PE. All topics in the specification are covered, providing a sound basis for each unit. 83 more words


A Level AQA Geography Keyword Activities - Coastal Environments

Ensure students get to grips with the essential terminology with fantastic topic-by-topic activities. Comprehensively covers each topic, providing a sound basis for the whole course. 122 more words


Active Revision Guide for AQA GCSE PE

Concise, student-friendly revision notes with engaging activities. Carefully structured to focus student revision, with achievable tasks to improve motivation.

Each chapter contains:

  • Knowledge checklist and learning objectives: students understand exactly what they need to learn and are motivated to record their progress…
  • 150 more words