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#5minprac Investigation Plan

I’ve updated the #5minprac page to include some guidance to go pith the plan, and some great video clips.  One of the video clips is great for teaching pupils about variables !!   16 more words

A Level AQA Keyword Activities: GEOG1 Hot Desert Environments and their Margins

Ensure students get to grips with the essential terminology with fantastic topic-by-topic activities. Comprehensively covers each topic, providing a sound basis for the whole course. 115 more words


One More Push: Last Minute AQA English Language Revision

Every year I experience the parturient pain of administering controlled assessment marks and last minute revision for the AQA English Language exam. The late nights, the endless cover sheets, waking up mumbling entry codes, the anxiety dreams in which I am faced with student after student asking the same question (“What do I have to do for Question 4 again?”) while I stand naked, wondering why I haven’t planned this lesson and why on earth I’m in a classroom at all. 1,016 more words


AQA English Language GCSE: Defeating the Beast Part 3 - Writing

In my last two blog posts, I have concentrated solely on the reading section of the AQA English Language paper, with the vague promise of more on the writing section. 1,070 more words


AQA English Language GCSE: Defeating the Beast Part 2

Time is ticking away and I am sure, like me, that some of you are getting heads down to make that final push towards the English Language GCSE. 1,091 more words


AQA English Language GCSE: Defeating the Beast

Anyone who knows the AQA English Language exam knows that it’s a monster. Not one of those cute ones in Pokemon, or like the ones in Where the Wild Things Are. 1,039 more words


AQA ELLA2: Return of the Native: Speech and Its Representation

Comprehensive commentaries interspersed with mind map worksheets, discussion points and activities, which analyse and lead student exploration through Thomas Hardy’s Return of the Native, specifically its speech and its representation. 178 more words