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A month of flailing my arms and legs around in the pool while trying not to drown is all it took to finally get the hang of this aqua aerobics business. 575 more words

Operation Suck Less 2014™

Video: Maids - Bandits

Turns out that this is exactly what I needed this Thursday night: gentle, wistful electro-pop, and an aqua-aerobics video to boot. Midwest Disco indeed.

Des Moines, Iowa is something of a celebrated town.   220 more words


Aqua Aerobics? Aqua-excuse Me?

For Operation Suck Less in 2014™ to be successful, I need to get up off my couch and get moving. I already have my Fitbit and have been slowly ramping up my daily steps to get stronger without reinjuring my various injuries. 789 more words

Operation Suck Less 2014™

Baby fat? It's just fat, baby...

I took a deep breath and stepped forward. I didn’t want to look down, it was too scary but I knew I had to face it. 875 more words

Liking Myself in the Moment

I know I talk about some pretty personal stuff here, sometimes uncomfortably personal. I have noticed that some of you who read this are kind of taking what I talk about the wrong way. 1,461 more words

So This Happened Today...

noodle in the water

my 1st aqua aerobics class & my 1st ‘proper’ exercise since a bun was discovered in my oven. it was such a new experience & such fun! 479 more words

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De Libertas Quirkus

Whenever I travel overseas I find a ‘catchphrase’ that both describes the essence of the trip and sticks to it as the name of that experience. 511 more words