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Charlie's peggies

At six weeks old, when he was crying for more food, I noticed a little white spot in the bottom left of Charlie’s mouth! Being the inquisitive, annoying mum I decided to inspect. 302 more words

Rabla pentru periuta ta!!! Campanie Zambeste Romania!!!

“Programul Rabla pentru periuţa ta se întoarce și în acest an! Vino la cortul Rabla cu periuţa ta de dinţi veche, iar noi o înlocuim cu una nouă Aquafresh® și, în plus, îţi dăm și un cupon de reducere pentru pasta de dinţi preferată (Aquafresh® HD, Aquafresh® Kids, Sensodyne®, Parodontax®). 232 more words

Calator Prin Bucuresti

Empties of the month - August

This month has gone so fast! I still can’t believe I’m starting my second year of university in less than a month, it feels surreal! So many things happened this month: I moved into my new house, my boyfriend moved out and I’m officially in a long distance relationship (sigh) and I’ve applied for my very first part time job (which I still haven’t got – hurry up Boots!). 1,055 more words