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Found another house!

We tried to burn 6 piles that are about 6 feet tall, by 30-40 feet long. It wouldn’t burn. So, the next time we poured diesel fuel on it, and then left so we wouldn’t be covered in poison wood smoke, which is like poison ivy, and I have ample amounts of it, it seems to like me a lot. 385 more words

Farm Update | All about the Strawberries | Festival | Florida Radiance | Camarosa | Fish Tank Heaters | Harvest Baskets

VertiGro installation is nearing the end as all the drip irrigation was added. Next come the misters for heating and the hoop house structure.

Strawberries… 242 more words

Commercial Aquaponics

Kitchen green: a self watering Indoor kitchen garden @ Keralaponics.

Kitchen green is another Indoor self watering kitchen garden developed in Keralaponics. We could grow essential vegetables or herbs for a home in this Kitchen green. 238 more words


Wanted: a herbalist prepper for the tropics

I learned to rely on natural alternatives to Western antibiiotics after an acute bout with urinary tract infection (UTI). I told the doctor I was allergic to penicillin, but I also became allergic to the two types of antibiotics he had prescribed for me. 260 more words

Natural Healing

Totem Soup Science – Aquarium Video Update

Just a quick video update on the tank. I can afford to be slightly overstocked because my tank feeds an aquaponic garden. The water is nothing short of perfect. 53 more words

From The Man

London's urban farming soars

By Wes Terry

London’s landscape could enter a new phase as urban agriculturalists look to change the face of its outlook through urban farming. While some see the future of urban farming in cultivation work in conventional terms, others have taken a more specialized route. 1,036 more words


Self watering Succulent tower garden @ Keralaponics

Keralaponics introduced a Self watering Succulent tower garden with two 1.2litre soda bottle as grow bed and the bottom half portion of 2 litre bottle as reservoir. 106 more words