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Cycling full steam ahead

The pace at which the bacteria are colonizing the grow beds must be accelerating as evidenced by the two tests taken this AM and PM. 77 more words


New rock and fishies

I added some rocks a few weeks ago and bought about 30 feeder fish to start all the processes going (hopefully fast). The veggies were added about a week after that just to see if I could get something started (even though it is a little bit too soon considering the biological processes are just getting started.


AP starting setup

Here are a few pics of the Aquaponics project I started a few weeks ago. The setup is waiting for some rock media to get the process started. 108 more words


Indian Heat Wave

I just returned to India to continue developing, learning, and adjusting things here on the Harvest India Aquaponics Farm. I’ve returned to a farm that is in need of a lot of love. 424 more words

Bedtime Tactics etc

The bedtime tactics my eldest has to get back up after being put to bed continue to develop. His latest is “Daddy can I ask you a question?”. 341 more words

Family And Fun

Nitrites or not to Nitrates

The ammonia level seems to be at the 4.0 point in the system. According to the advice received from various people on the aquaponics group this is the upper end of acceptable as ammonia then becomes toxic to the bacteria that consume it. 201 more words


The Next Step...

This journey so far hasn’t been easy but it has been a lot of fun. There has been a lot of learning, laughter and love. As group of individuals brought together by faith a friendship as emerged that is held together by the will to do good. 77 more words