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Commercial Aquaponics and the need for data

I just finished writing a little piece about commercial-level aquaponic’s need for more thorough data and then found this blog.  Another interesting perspective on the challenges of large aquaponics.  Enjoy!

Aquaponics, how does it compare if the field was levelled?

I came across a very useful source while preparing for a presentation on aquaponics at the Grey to Green 2014 conference in Toronto.  It was an… 496 more words

Rooting Rose Cuttings in Aquaponics


I took cuttings from a pink miniature rose bush yesterday and thought I could try rooting them in my aquaponics system. The rose bush I got the cuttings from is battered by a severe beetle infestation so I figured this would be a great way to give these beautiful mini roses a fresh, pest-free start. 246 more words


Aquaponics Update

Now it has cycled and with fish in the tank the aquaponics has been showing signs of increased productivity. The test levels show trace ammonia, nitrites and low levels of nitrate. 236 more words


Morone Saxatilis x M. Chrysops

That would be hybrid stripped bass to the rest of us.


And now we have 100 of these lovely fish. Well 99 ish, one died a few days ago. 371 more words


Different Ways to Create Aquaponics System

Right here are five elements that will be critical in generating guaranteed your aquaponic system is productive.

1) Make Sure The Water Is Perfectly Oxygenated. 574 more words


Super Basil

Where I live I don’t have 4 seasons. It’s just hot, and then its not. So I don’t have that feeling of summer winding down and turning over crops. 255 more words