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Poorly executed.

I love botanical gardens. They are what public parks should be: beautiful, safe, educational, calming, no homeless people. My attempts to merge my love for plants and dating have failed. 10 more words

5 things to consider before trying commercial aquaponics

Hey everyone,

On January 11th we had our first warehouse tour. I thought there would be 10-20 people here. There were 50+.

It was an exciting day of sharing ideas, discussing issues, and planning for the future. 337 more words

Week 1 Day 1 - photo update

Initial set-up for data collection.

Basil have been planted in hydroton clay pebbles.

Current components of set-up: lamp, 4 fish, marbles and fake plants, colander with hydroton pebbles, basil sprouts nestled in hydroton pebbles, fish food, and air pump.

Photo Updates

Indoor farmers bring aquaponics to Glastonbury

GLASTONBURY, Conn. (WTNH)– Two 25-year-old lifelong friends have become indoor farmers and have formed a company called Fresh Farm Aquaponics. Kieran Foran and Spencer Curry are growing plants. 172 more words


NFT Aquaponics system

Aquaponics an overview

Aquaponics is an agricultural practice which combines hydroponics and aquaculture. Fish and vegetables are growing together in an aquaponics system. We could harvest fresh vegetables on the account of fish culture is the major benefit from aquaponics. 292 more words


Because baby goats.

Two days ago, on Saturday, January 17th, our doe Leia gave birth to two baby goats. We were expecting to be present for the birth–we had even set up a baby monitor a week prior so that we could hear when things “went down”–but Leia had other plans. 352 more words


Something Smells Fishy...

Last year My Other Half and I attempted an Aquaponics setup. Being as we live in a camper, we made due with what we could find cheap. 596 more words