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Nitrite Spike

Managed to loose the card with the different levels and colours from the water testing kit. Luckily there is the internet and a replacement card can be found. 49 more words


Nitrites and Nitrates galore....

So after a week or so of slow building the system seems to be taking off. The nitrites are off the scale at approx 10ppm. I diluted 50/50 with water to verify this approximation. 87 more words


Aquaponics as a Hobby for All Ages

Aquaponic is the best hobby for all ages. This is the best way to spend a lot of time with your family

and you can get the experience of gardening. 387 more words


Aquaponics cycling update

Today’s tests show a continued spiking in nitrite levels along with a corresponding decline in ammonia as is to be expected. The nitrate levels have increased also showing that both required bacteria are increasing their number and the bio filter is forming well. 124 more words


Cycling full steam ahead

The pace at which the bacteria are colonizing the grow beds must be accelerating as evidenced by the two tests taken this AM and PM. 77 more words


New rock and fishies

I added some rocks a few weeks ago and bought about 30 feeder fish to start all the processes going (hopefully fast). The veggies were added about a week after that just to see if I could get something started (even though it is a little bit too soon considering the biological processes are just getting started.

Aquaponics Project

AP starting setup

Here are a few pics of the Aquaponics project I started a few weeks ago. The setup is waiting for some rock media to get the process started. 108 more words

Aquaponics Project