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Totem Soup Science - Aquaponics to the Basement!

So far I enjoy the display aquaponics project. I have decided to expand it to the basement. I have a long way to go, starting with drying the basement completely, clearing the junk, and bleaching the entire place down. 108 more words

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Getting our Hands Dirty: Giving to help the needy and receiving much more in return

Getting outside is something we Floridians are really good at.  Now that fall is here, slightly drier weather and cooler temperatures make outdoor activities even more appealing, especially gardening and yard work. 367 more words

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Totem Soup Science - Getting Started In Aquaponics

Hey fish n’ plant folks! I ran into this video on the Aquaponiacs page on YouTube. This will give you a good science base in starting your project. 99 more words

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When poop turns to produce: aquaponics

In university I had a dream too start an aquaponics system to feed the poor in a sustainable manner and this dream is becoming a reality in my own backyard! 404 more words


Best Tips for an Aquaponics System Design

If you’re relatively new to the world of aquaponics, it may at first seem confusing to you,  especially with all the different factors that go into creating an aquaponics system design. 613 more words


Totem Soup Nature - Aquarium Update: The Inhabitants

I have been focusing on the plants lately, and not giving enough credit to the fish that make them possible. Enjoy!

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for project updates! 30 more words

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Totem Soup Science – Aquaponics Project: Phase 3

I had a BREAKTHROUGH today! I bought 300 gel capsules and Osmocote Plus. This is, in essence, root tabs. So, for the price of 15 root tabs, I made 300 with enough Osmocote Plus left to make another 900 root tabs. 138 more words

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