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Apple and the shrimps

Well here are some pictures of Apple, he is much larger and fatter; right now Im giving him a lot of food since Ill be on vacation in september (the whole month) so he’ll have plenty of time to fast. 102 more words

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Aquarium shopping!


Guys guys guys I bought new stuff for my tanks! The first thing is biological filter media (superfish) then I bought a TDS meter with calibration solution and tested it immediately (after calibrating) turns out: my shrimp tank has a higher ppm than the tank of my brother. 179 more words

Everything And Anything

Carbon reactor installed

After a few days of thought, I finally installed the BRS Deluxe Carbon reactor into my Elos Sump400. The issue was Bulk Reef Supply provides very rigid vinyl tubing to use with the reactor, since it has Mur-Lok joints for securely combining tubing without the possibility of leaks. 362 more words


Working plants into the nano tank

We bought our first aquarium a few weeks ago. We 3 guppys, 3 fish that I dont know the specy, 5 neons and on gourami, an ancistrus and a few shrimps.. 263 more words


On Rosh Hashona it is Written .....

Who will live and who will die.
Just over a week ago on Motsei Shabbat we spent about 30 minutes in mum’s room chatting about changes that we needed to make with her apartment as we found that we could not move the entry door as we had hoped. 762 more words