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Case Solution for Aquarius Ales: How Much Should the Brew Cost

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Aquarius Ales: How Much Should the Brew Cost

Authors :           Susan V. White, Pascal Villager… 183 more words



She was the second of twelve children
six boys and six girls
born in February
one day and many years before me
my mom’s mother… 284 more words


More of the Moon / Cancer / 4th house and Uranus / Aquarius / 11th house Feminist connection

Continuing my investigations into the connections between dominant feminist figures and relations in their natal charts between Moon / Cancer / 4th house and Uranus / Aquarius / 11th house, here are some additional examples: 261 more words


Betty Friedan - a true feminist: Sun, Moon, Aquarius and Cancer relations in chart

As part of my constant theory making efforts I came up with a new one that presumes a solid link between feminist activism and Aquarius / 11th house / Uranus and Cancer / 4th house / Moon relations in natal chart. 466 more words


Traditional Correspondences: Aquarius

The zodiac sign of Aquarius (21 January – 18 February) is symbolised by the Water bearer. The glyph represents two serpents (one is ego, the other is the soul) which shows the individuation process of the sign. 118 more words


Keeping Busy - Or At Least Trying To

You know how people keep saying, “Oh, just keep busy. Drown yourself in work and you’ll be so distracted, you’ll forget about him eventually!”

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who doesn’t believe in this? 496 more words


News: Tinashe Announces 'Aquarius' Tour

Following the release of her album that featured her hit single “2 On”, Tinashe is gearing up to take her show on the road for the upcoming “Aquarius” tour. 115 more words