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To be sharp as a tack

To be an intelligent and a bright person.       

CATALAN  Saber un punt més que el dimoni

SPANISH  saber más que los ratones colorados


The Importance of Whales for Marine Ecosystems

Many of us know that whales, primarily the Baleen and sperm whale, are among the largest species to ever inhabit earth. But do we realize that their removal, due to whaling and overfishing, may be altering the very make up of the ocean? 319 more words

Environmental Science

fly by

It’s been awhile. A couple o’ lane changes and a few hijinks, but I think we’ve given them the slip… The reward for running the white-waters of life is eventually alighting in a deep pool below the torrents to bob around a bit and tuck into a backeddy. 127 more words


Beryl Shoals Now Downloadable!

Kaitlyn asked for this one to be downloadable a while back, but things have been hectic around here and there’s been very little down time to do anything fun. 432 more words

Sims 3

My Electric Blue Crayfish

This guide is still in progress:) I’m not a professional :Djust trying to help. Feel free to correct or ask anything. This is for crayfish in general. 1,775 more words