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Philippines blacklists nine Hong Kong journalists for heckling Aquino

(Reuters) – The Philippines has barred entry to nine Hong Kong television and radio journalists, saying they heckled President Benigno Aquino during a meeting of the APEC grouping last year and presented a threat to public safety. 160 more words


More than two weeks ago an article in Philippine Star by Alex Magno (October 21, 2014), assessed Samar and Leyte rehabilitation with foreboding,

                In two weeks, it shall be a year since the great storm hit Samar and Leyte.

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Why A Lady Will Be President in 2016

The concept  of Sen. Grace Poe becoming President  is  due to the selection by the people themselves and not a dirty cabal of corrupt native or non local politicians, private sector, fake NGOs, religious or pseudo religious mass, of a clean candidate. 74 more words


China Proposes Friendship Treaty to Ease ASEAN Security Worries

Reuters says in its report “ASEAN to pressure China to stick to diplomacy on maritime disputes” at 3:39am, “Southeast Asian leaders will welcome China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang with fanfare on Wednesday but behind closed doors will push their giant neighbor to take a less bellicose approach to overlapping claims in the South China Sea.” 920 more words

China and Philippines thawing tensions

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping met on Tuesday to discuss recent frosty relations including disputes surrounding the South China Sea. Both parties expressed an intent for further co-operation during the “meeting of minds”.
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Philippine Economy going from strength to strength.

Following 2Q results, more good news adds weight to belief Philippines is Asia’s budding Miracle Economy.

Manila, PHILIPPINES, Aug 4, 2014 – Following the release of Government figures that the Philippine economy had expanded by 6.4% in the 2nd Quarter of 2014, the Philippine economy continued to garner praise, earning yet another credit rating upgrade from speculative (BB+) to investment grade (BBB-), this time from South Korean based NICE Ratings. 242 more words

From Sick Man to the Miracle of Asia, the World Bank praises the Philippines.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim praised the Philippines and President Aquino profusely upon visiting Manila for a two-day visit on July the 15th. Kim, who was here to announce the provision of USD119 million for the construction of infrastructure in the Muslin Mindanao region to support the peace process, praised President Aquino’s anti-corruption reforms, stating, 119 more words