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WOS - Clean your AR-15 Rifle the Fire Mountain Outdoors Way

These days, pretty much everyone has an “Evil Black Assault Rifle”. Especially after the great Gun Scare of 2013.

They are fun to shoot, but not as near much fun to clean. 117 more words


Remington Wins Opening Move In Bizarre Sandy Hook Lawsuit

This is from Bearing Arms.

Hopefully the judge will dismiss this frivolous lawsuit.

I also would like to see Remington counter sue for damages caused by this suit. 350 more words

Bravo Company BattleComp 1.0 Compensator

The BattleComp 1.0 is an amazing piece of engineering!  I wanted to give folks a head’s up on a rifle part that I think deserves some attention. 539 more words

Gear & Equipment


Gun in the picture is what the one you will receive will look like (minus the clip).

This kit is for to completely build your own AR 15 Pistol or Rifle 100% legally and with the use of common power tools, like a drill, and a router, which you can either borrow from a buddy or go pick one up for yourself for 50 bucks at home depot! 139 more words


Guns don't kill people -- people with guns kill people (and that's the problem)

Texas is known around the world as the capital of macho. The very name is shorthand for bad-ass. And if you follow the news, you know that it’s also Ground Zero for the open carry movement – if “movement” isn’t too grand a term for paranoids who feel the need to arm themselves like Afghan warlords for a trip to Chipotle. 396 more words

And I Suppose You Think That's Funny?

WOS - Ultimate AR-15 Meltdown

Here it is. What it took to get an AR-15 to go critical.

Eric and the Guys over at Iraqveteran8888 take an AR-15 upper and try to break it. 22 more words



HAARP SPACE UFO’s Religion Animals Nature Weather Earthquakes Educational Chem Trails NWO Science Weapon

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