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Wake-up tweets from EU think-tanks in Brussels

Ten leading European think-tanks met today on 28 January 2015 in Brussels to discuss European course of action for the years to come. This was their fifth annual meeting with  874 more words

European Union

This Historical Weekend - a letter to my godson


Today is the 28th of January, and we’re all geared up for a snowstorm this weekend. Apparently it’s been 37 years since another historic blizzard came on the same weekend (1978) – I wasn’t born yet, my parents were only 18, so I can’t tell you much about that. 889 more words

Denmark passes new anti-radicalisation plan with 'exit permits' to stop 1,400 years of Jihad

Justice Minister Mette Fredriksen. Photo: Jens Astrup/Scanpix

Denmark passes new anti-radicalisation plan

Published: 27 Jan 2015

Denmark’s parliament near unanimously voted through the country’s new anti-radicalisation plan on Tuesday, pledging to spend nearly 60 million kroner (€8m) on planned projects. 179 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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Its a start but it will not solve the problem and unless Islam is understood for what it "really" is there can be no true solution.

4GW allows ISIS to fight and win against more powerful armies. Like ours.

Summary:  Today GI Wilson explains how one of our foes, calling itself the Islamic State, uses 4GW to match their strengths against the weaknesses of our far more powerful military. 1,139 more words


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I would guess the various military academies have stopped teaching Sun Tzu's The Art of War; it would be clear to any one reading this work what the current US problems are with 4GW and the ISIS or any like group.


The American Spectator, By Aaron Goldstein, Jan. 28, 2015

A few days after the terrorist attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher grocery store, terrorism expert Steve Emerson appeared on the Fox News Channel’s… 1,454 more words

Counter Jihad Report

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Emerson was not wrong there are,in fact, many areas in the EU and the US where non Muslims must go with great care! No Go, Exclusion, Sharia law practiced here! We can debate the meaning of the words till hell freezes over but that doesn't change the facts that there are areas where its best you don't enter!

Roger Cohen talks Memoir, Middle East Issues

What started out as a talk about his book turned into a conversation about Roger Cohen’s perspectives on the Middle East. Cohen, a New York Times columnist, was presenting his new memoir titled “ 722 more words


Rest in Peace, all those dreamers in Middle East... and stand up in peace, all those still to come.

A few days before her assassination, Shaima tweeted: “Living in this country has become painful and cold…I hope that its soil is vaster… and the bosom of its ground broader than its sky.”

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