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White House to bypass Congress on Iran nuclear deal

The Obama administration will seek to avoid a vote in Congress on any nuclear deal with Iran, according to The New York Times.

“We wouldn’t seek congressional legislation in any comprehensive agreement for years,” one senior U.S.

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I sure hop this is not true --- we do not need a nuclear armed Iran in the world.

Tunisia and Lybia, two different directions

When the governments in Tunisia and Libya fell, there was a great deal of optimism for the Arab Spring. Since then the two countries have gone in very different directions. 150 more words

Obama administration downgrades signature Mideast democracy program -al Monitor

“MEPI’s demise is indicative of a broader backing off from supporting civil society and falling back into the old pattern of not antagonizing old allies.” 67 more words

Unleashing the contagious effect in dissidence in MENA

Dissidents actively challenge an established doctrine, policy, or institution; affecting a dissident movement when uniting for a common cause. Activists along with popular mobilization in the… 260 more words

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Interviewed by the Nessma TV, Tunisia

Moroccan Representative in “the Regional Model Arab League Stimulation” in Tunisia, debated about policy-relevant issues among the government institutions, civil society, and citizens in the Arab world.


Interviewed by the Nile TV, Egypt

Sharing thoughts as Moroccan representative about the current situation of Democracy, citizenship and youth participation in the Arab world after the revolutions of Arab Spring, Egypt


Why Do the Masses Posses Reason?

The figure of the masses in protest takes on a near mystical and highly rational logic in post-Leninist thought during the twentieth century. For example, one of the things that Althusser abandoned in his theory of overdetermination was that the general contradiction between forces of production and relations of production–embodied in the antagonistic relation between the two classes–was not a sufficient contradiction to provoke a revolutionary situation. 1,345 more words