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Arabic the mother tounge

I grew up speaking ‘broken Arabic.’ I could reply to my mom and understand but not fluently. It only got better as my family traveled to Libya in the summers, something my father wouldn’t budge on, even when he couldn’t afford it. 100 more words

Arab Spring

Human rights abuses ‘leave a third of Libyans with mental health problems’

” Research by Dignity – the Danish Institute against Torture – shared with the Guardian, paints a devastating picture of the human consequences of the regionalism, tribalism and factionalism that have wracked the north African country since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi three-and-a-half years ago. 98 more words

Arab Spring

Photos from Tunisian elections 2014

I have updated my personal website/portfolio to include more of my work covering the Tunisian elections, from the legislative to presidential elections, which have included visiting several polling stations in Tunis and in the countryside, as well as political rallies held by various political parties. 14 more words

ISIS Blocks Mobile Phones in Mosul

The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group blocked all mobile phone networks in the largest Iraqi city they control, Mosul, accusing informants in the city of tipping off coalition forces to their whereabouts, residents told… 275 more words


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Asymmetric warfare

Islamic State to Putin: We Are on Our Way to Russia

Lmao…. that’s pretty funny. Good luck with that. Poke the Russian bear and see where that will take them. Bet  Vladimir would have no delayed reaction to remove the Muslims from his country. 715 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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Being of Russian decent (pre 1918) and a US Army Green Beret Officer from Vietnam I will tell the Muslims that there are some in this world that don't buy their crap and it might be best if they all wend back to where they came from!

'Islamic state supplying half of all Afghan heroin coming to Europe' - Russia

Muslims are the most prolific contributors to crime in the entire Western world, whether they follow the Islamic state or not. Coincidence? Hardly.

The irony is that Isis will execute drug users and drug peddlers, and whip and punish people who smoke or drink. 365 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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The Boomer generation sure like their drugs! The drug cartels and all the drug problems are solely the fault of the Boomers need for them! This includes those that went into government.

ISIS pledge to send support to Ferguson, 'soldiers whose drink is blood, play is carnage'

Nothing is more oppressive than the Islamic state, which dictates people’s lives in the most horrendous way. But they use the feigned democracy argument to recruit and deceive. 1,013 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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Well it would seem that every two bit thug wants to get in on the act or I mean loot!