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Gender Conflicts

It was always a question for me, why religion, sex, male power and low acceptance vs. women are connected to each other so closely in many cultures… … 71 more words


Saudi Academics and Money

In Saudi Arabia, it seems that there is an increasing interest among academics in how to gain money through their academic activity. Although this does not seem to be problematic, what is problematic is that many academics want to gain more and more money that they do not deserve or they do so much trickery to get the money without doing the work that deserves this money. 124 more words


Project 365: Day 58 - He is an extreme collector

28th August 2014 – Doha, Qatar

The posse of American muscle cars had me overwhelmed.
And there was a private biplane too, apart from all the ships.
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Literature Travels

In a brief aside from osteoarchaeology, I thought I’d focus a quick entry on what I’ve been reading lately as I wait for my arm to heal.   707 more words


Ashishin Hashishi Assassins

The Order of the Assassins
By Kemal Menemencioglu, 2007

Hasan Sabbah

Hasan Sabbah and his unconditionally obedient assassins, the fedayin, the false paradise and great library of fort Alamut, the instant death dealt by the trust of a dagger to important officials by their seemingly obedient assassin servants have been part of a legend woven throughout the centuries. 2,204 more words


Literature Updates

A quick note here to say that my book collection has recently grown to include John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley and Wilfred Thesiger’s Arabian Sands… 261 more words