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Islamic Political History [Part 1]

I was asked a long time ago to write an article on how different sects emerged in Islam. I wrote a lot and then erased it, at times I felt like the write up wasn`t good enough at others my mentors turned it down. 2,514 more words

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An Easing of Tensions in the GCC

In the few years after the Arab Spring, tensions rose between the various Arabian Peninsula states and Qatar due to political ties. Qatar was accused by its neighbors of aiding rebellious Islamist groups and being openly supportive of new regimes ( 244 more words

Oman - Standing Tall

It is not unrealistic to assume that in the next decade we will see a new leader in Oman. As an absolute monarchy with beliefs very different from its neighbors, it faces much scrutiny with which direction new leadership will take the country. 329 more words

A Real Middle Eastern Strategy

The Obama administration has been fishing for a strategy in the Middle East since he started pulling troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  He never played the long game preferring to play a short appeasement strategy.   448 more words

Brock Flint