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Pakistani camel

This pretty camel comes from Irfan. :)

Clifton Beach or Seaview is a beach in Karachi, Pakistan located on the Arabian Sea. It is one of the neighborhoods of Clifton, Saddar Town. 47 more words


#100Days Photo 22: Dona Paula Bay, Goa, India

A Portuguese aristocrat girl falling madly in love with a local  Goa fisherman (a love story), then choosing to take her own life by jumping from a cliff when their relationship was forbidden (a tragedy), and centuries after mesmerizing, or haunting, tourists or locals as she emerges from the sea amidst the moonlit waves, wearing nothing but a pearl necklace (a myth) — this is the story of Dona Paula. 158 more words

Leisure Trip

Navy feared frigate's excessive noise made it an easier target

The noise generated by one of Canada’s frigates was so excessive that navy officers worried for a time that it had become more vulnerable to torpedoes and other weapons that home in on sound, according to a military report obtained by the Citizen. 584 more words


One Word Photo Challenge - Maroon

Daman, India. The juxtaposition of India. As we stayed in a beach front resort on the Arabian Sea, this little girl collected and hauled “treasures” back to her village.

One Word Photo Challenge


India: Day 3

I woke up at 4:30am this morning. I tried to go back to sleep, since we didn’t need to be up until 5:30am, but when that failed and I realized that I was wide awake and was never going back to sleep, I decided to get dressed and join Sam on the roof for a quick workout. 1,190 more words

From The College Student

Pentagon orders USS George H.W. Bush to Persian Gulf amidst Iraq unrest

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush to move from the northern Arabian Sea to the Persian Gulf as President Barack Obama considers possible military options for Iraq, where Islamic insurgents are gaining territory. 47 more words