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“The Way To Foil The Conspiracies” by Usama Bin Laden


“The Way To Foil The Conspiracies”
Osama Bin Laden / Jan 06, 2008

Here is an accurate, complete translation of Sheikh Osama Bin Laden’s last audio tape that continues his call for unity, particularly in the front lines of Iraq that Sheikh insists will open the doors for the Islamic revolution to spread throughout the rest of the globe… 7,675 more words


A request from me to you

The vast majority of my readers are, to the best of my knowledge, non Arabic speakers.

I myself am not a native Arabic speaker but alhamdulillāh Allah s.w.t has given me the ability to study under native Arabs and non-Arabs and day by day I learn more and more. 317 more words


Arabic the mother tounge

I grew up speaking ‘broken Arabic.’ I could reply to my mom and understand but not fluently. It only got better as my family traveled to Libya in the summers, something my father wouldn’t budge on, even when he couldn’t afford it. 100 more words

Arab Spring

Finally home

Every Friday after salary means that everyone has decided to drink and be rude. On the other side, there are customer who are more busy with the phone then to listen on the worker. 216 more words


MSc Advanced Arabic: Cancelled?!

This week I recieved devastating news that the University of Edinburgh’s Head of the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures has decided to discontinue the MSc Advanced Arabic programme (only in its 2nd year of existence) because it doesn’t make enough bank to warrant its continuation. 857 more words


Enta Omri

This piece was written by the greatest Arab female singer Om Kalthoum. So much passion there is. This woman knew love.

When I was younger, around eighteen-nineteen years old, I was an avid attender of Arabic dance classes. 72 more words