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Loop Game/ I have - who has game


This game has been designed to be a class activity, in particular a starter activity to help with reviewing vocab. 

How to play the game:  99 more words


Arabic Vocab Board game


After 4 years of learning Arabic, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it would be the importance of constantly reviewing vocabulary. Teaching yrs 8-10 means the age range for them is 13-16. 166 more words


West Michigan students banned abroad

AMMAN, Jordan – “So, the man did not believe what we were saying and said, ‘Dave, you’re denied entry and I’m giving you a 10-year ban for lying.’” 642 more words


Fluent Forever - how to learn any language fast and never forget - Gabriel Wyner

I’ve just reading this book, I had it pre ordered for months as the reviews look great. The author also seems to use similar methods to Benny Lewis. 42 more words


Full Circle: the Egypt Tour 2014

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2014 marks my return to Egypt,to do a series of shows in Alexandria and Cairo. 191 more words

Terrorists and The Legend of Korra

As soon as I heard the name of the main villain in this latest season (“Book 3″) of The Legend of Korra, I found it… let’s say, interesting. 171 more words