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One of your favourite words at the moment is ‘broken’ (or bo-bo, as you say it) and there has been no shortage of occasions for you to use it recently- from the CD player that keeps skipping to the rose that lost its petals when Mamma lent in to smell it, and not forgetting the lift of course, which is… 86 more words


Where to begin? How to begin?

Clueless probably describes me perfectly.

The last time I tried to ‘learn’ a language (Japanese), my ‘strategy’ was to let it sink in naturally. I was hoping that I could just soak it up like a sponge without any studying.  229 more words


The Red City

Last weekend we got to experience the tourist hub of Morocco, the red city, Marrakech. Marrakech is in central Morocco, hidden away from any ocean, and is about a three hour drive from Rabat. 827 more words

Goodnight Moon

The end is finally here. And the country breathes a sigh of relief. And as do I. No, it’s not time for me to leave Jordan yet, but rather the end of the month of Ramadan. 621 more words