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From my travel journals… This is an experience in Jordan:

…We are going to stop at the Jabbok River, but in order to stop, we are driving on a 3-lane highway on top of this mountain, looking for an overlook… 202 more words

Upside Down Kingdom

The downs and downs of international football fandom

The word ‘MAS’ is everywhere in Fès, sprawled on the sides of buildings, stuck on car windows and displayed in shopfronts. The ‘Maghreb Association Sportif’- the Maghrebbis as they’re known- are not only the city’s football team, but it’s pride and joy. 610 more words


What Can I Say to You, Oh Home.. ايش احكيلك يا وطن

A Poem by a Syrian Girl on Being a Refugee in Jordan.

شحكيلك يا وطن و مدري شخبّي عليك
ترا من بعدك شفنا ذل و عجايب


Scattered Thoughts أفكار مبعثرة

by Osama Mahmoud

Let us play a video game

آرح نلعب أتاري

The words were shared between a few but not the entire group

المجموعة مكونة من أبناء مُلّاك بيوت وأبناء غُفرا

107 more words

VS: Middle Eastern and Arab

I know this is not related to Wonderland’s anime theme but it bothers me when people interchange Arab countries with the Middle East.

So much that I had to blog about it :< 302 more words

Old Wonderland

[salafi-network] [Eng | Articles] Out of Sight out of Mind! - www.yusufestesquran.com

Today at 10:22 AM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Just a reminder, so you do not forget the evil that this individual (Yusuf Estes) and his associates are promoting from the beliefs of the deviant sects. 255 more words


Middle Eastern Easter Cookies (Ka3ek)

It’s that time of the year again! Wow! I can’t believe how fast time is passing. In our family, it is tradition to make these glorious cookies during Easter time. 303 more words