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A Prophet

Tahar Rahim once more demonstrates his talent, this time in Audiard’s French-racial-prison-gangster movie. A young criminal, Malik, has been admitted for the first time to an adult prison. 210 more words


Talk is Cheap!

Thought of The Night:

In Hospitals, Graveyards, Bankruptcies and Sports, your words of support and Sympathy works perfect. But in Wars, they are only cheap bullshit, even children get offended by! 33 more words


Tiger l'extracomunitarie hors France

Tiger est contre l’extracomunitarie,algerie,libanais,arabs.

Que l’extracomunitarie vont dans leurs pays pauvre.

La France c’est pas le pays de les merde arabs.

Merde hommes misogynes

J’appelle les persons a boycotter les arabs et leur ce ne vont dans leur merde.

Sweet and True

You are my morning, you are my night,
You are the sunlight of my every hour,


With you my heart sings,

the beautiful song of your wonderful wings. 20 more words


It’s a sad, sad, sad world

By Claude Salhani  –

They say that no news is good news. Regrettably there is plenty of news at the moment and its all rather negative. 758 more words

Middle East

سايكس ىبيكو!!؟؟

سايكس وبيكو!!؟؟؟
ماذا لو ما كان في لا الحج سايكس ولا الشيخ بيكو؟؟؟ مثلاً دخلوا القوى الكبرى، وقام هزموا العثمانيين، وسحبوا حالهم وباي باي؟ والصهاينة مثلاً كانوا قبلوا بأوغندا وراحو هناك وما سبينا على معالي بلفور باشا كل صباح وكل مساء…..فكركم كان وضعنا رح يكون أحسن من هلأ ولا أسوء؟؟!!!


Russians, Moslem Murderers, Argentine Deadbeats and Chinese Dragons ...

Three significant reports deserve attention today:

Ukraine’s military has divided the forces of the wana-be Russians in East Ukraine and their (reportedly Russian) leaders are said to have fled. 414 more words