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Palestinians: The Arabs Betrayed Us - Again

Since 1948, the Arab countries and government have been paying mostly lip service to the Palestinians.

“They have money and oil, but don’t care about the Palestinians, even though we are Arabs and Muslims like them. 1,300 more words

Muslim Brotherhood

Some More Logical Thought About Israel's Gaza Defensive and Vicious Antisemetism

The other day I was discussing Israel with a fellow Christian. While it was hardly unexpected, I was greatly saddened to hear that they believed Israel wanted to annihilate the Palestinian people. 1,597 more words


حَاوٍل أن تٌقْنِعَ العَرَبيّ بٍشَيْئٍ غَير نَظَريَة المُؤامَرة

منذ الأزل، لم تنفكَّ هذه القطعة من الأرض تتعرض للحروب و المآسي و الصراعات و النزاعات. لن أعود بالتاريخ إلى حروب كسرى مع الإمبراطورية الرومانية، سأكون أقرب من حروب القبائل العربية الثلاثمائة و الستين فيما بينها حتى.

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80% of British Jews feel blamed for Israeli actions

An ultra-Orthodox Jew holds a Palestinian flag during a protest against Israel’s air strikes in Gaza in London July 11, 2014. (Reuters / Neil Hall) 641 more words

Israel-Gaza: The Facts and An Analogy

The Israel-Gaza conflict has been growing in both death tolls and media coverage, so I believe it is important for me to discuss my thoughts on the issue. 855 more words


Palestinians: The Arabs Betrayed Us - Again

Palestinians: The Arabs Betrayed Us – Again.

What?  You meant tell me that Arabs aren’t trustworthy?

They lie, and are deceitful?  Who would have ever have thought that? 14 more words

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