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Dried meat in Bar Bahlul

In a recent post, I mentioned Bar Bahlul’s source “the Proverbs of the Arameans”. Among other entries in his lexicon where he cites that source, here is another: 398 more words



The word abracadabra first appeared in Quintus Serenus Sammonicus, De medicina praecepta, 2d century AD.

The term may be derived from the Aramaic avra kehdabra, “I will create as I speak.” 12 more words

Barry J. Blake

The Heart of Daniel

A nerdy friend once suggested I get a tattoo (wait, would this disqualify him from being nerdy?) that says “I heart Daniel,” and, from the trenches of commentary writing, I have to say Daniel is the man who gets most of my time these days. 457 more words

The Book Of Daniel

A time for war

This week a priest visited the churches in my small community, along with the elders of the Assyrian Church of NZ.  His name was Father Fadi.  818 more words


Brief Introductory Note to the Limuda

Acts 15:25-29, is called the “Limuda”, commonly referred to in the West as the Didache, translated from the Aramaic manuscripts of the Assembly of Jerusalem. This is the Apostolic Letter that was composed by the First Apostolic Council around 50 CE under the direction of Mar Ya’aqub ha’Tzadik (St. 3,752 more words

Ancient Paths

Tafsir is not Qur'an--A Conversation

The following is an excerpt of my conversation with Dr. Michael Birkel at Eralham College, in which I make a distinction between studying the Qur’an and studying… 583 more words