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10 Day Detox - Day 5

Today is Friday and, with a social weekend approaching, it will be a test of dedication to the cause! This evening shouldn’t be a problem as I will be at home, but Hazel is out with Lucy and Monique who know a thing or two about having fun! 427 more words

PSB Life Style

My Day In Pictures 9/20/2104

This is how most of my mornings start – the kids begging for food.

LOVING the Ninja blender I got for my bday! Today’s breakfast shake: spinach, greek yogurt, almond milk, blueberries & cinnamon. 259 more words


10 Day Detox – Day 3

A perfect nights sleep again for both of us and we are feeling really refreshed, which is not something we are used to. We aren’t going to bed any earlier, but I suppose it’s down to ‘quality’ of sleep. 706 more words


10 Day Detox - Day 2

We both woke up after a really refreshing nights sleep. Hazel had her usual sequence of quite bizarre dreams which she remembers with alarming detail! A dream analyst could have a field day up there, but that’s another story. 616 more words


It's a long story...

 Confession time.

If I could only take 3 things to a deserted island, I would waste one of them on mascara.  Too vain?? Yeah, ok.  But I think everyone has one thing that if they’re not wearing they just don’t feel ready for the day; for me it’s mascara.   120 more words

10 Day Detox - Day 1

Here we go, starting off with the scariest bit of the challenge for us – our initial measurements and photos!

Hazel: 552 more words


An Afternoon of Arbonne...

I think that my friends and family have finally accepted that I’m serious. I’m one of the over 40-something bloggers. Call me the oldest blogger on  the block and I love it. 587 more words