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Quoi faire...

Quitter Paris, c’est vraiment la merde. Quitter Paris quand on a trouvé des amis sur lesquels on peut toujours compter, quitter Paris quand on a senti l’amour pour la première fois, quitter Paris quand on a trouvé le vrai bonheur, ça c’est pire que tout. 174 more words


A quick photo

While I’m finishing up my blog about the week I had in Paris, let’s take a quick moment to tease you with this photo.



How do you know what’s hot in Paris? The lines of people duh. More people=MoreHot

  • 10. Notre Dame. By far the straightest line.
  • 9. Arc de Triomphe’s line is in a tunnel!
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A day in Paris.


We took pictures with the Eiffel Tower at the best spot in Paris which is at the Trocadero.

Arc De Triomphe

The building behind me is the Arc De Triomphe, one of the most famous monuments in Paris, and also under renovation when I was there -.- Impossible to take a decent pictures with many cars. 23 more words


Details of the Arc de Triomphe

Some of the details which are found on the Arc de Triomphe are sometimes missed, but as can be seen in this photo you can start to appreciate how much work was put into the structure, from the borders to the detailed yet small lion head statues. 12 more words


"Now I am Home"

New work in progress. Seems like I’ve got a bunch of projects that need to be posted soon!

Here’s another sneak peak at one of the designs ;)