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Vive La Difference, Part V, Lundi

My final day in Paris.

Telephone tag! Improper metro use! Naked pillow fights! All some of these things occurred on Monday morning, trying to rendez-vous with Victoria to finally get inside of Notre Dame de Paris. 2,412 more words

Semana Santa, Part 1: PARIS, FRANCE

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.”

– Aldous Huxley

Well hello everybody! I’m back in action after my 11 day vacation for Semana Santa (Saint Week) which is widely celebrated in Spain, with students having these days off from school and adults having some of them off from work. 1,821 more words

L'Étoile to Le Louvre

I truly love researching bus routes.  My First Visit to Paris! visitors are in Paris right now.  I provided them with two detailed travel plans but I wanted to add a third possibility here.   385 more words


Catacombs and Along the Seine

The third and final leg of spring break ended in Paris. We left Brussels fairly early on the 11th and took the train from Brussels right into Paris. 558 more words



I got a call from my mother one evening as I was reading; it was 8pm, the usual time she called if she wanted to talk. 487 more words