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ArchBang Screenshots

I recently changed my OS and chose ArchBang, here are some screenshots of my dual monitor setup :

If you want to find out more about ArchBang and how it differs from Arch Linux then head over to this site : 9 more words

Arch Linux

How to make copy of a ArchLinux OS onto SD card using Apple computer.

What I have:  I downloaded and installed ARCH LINUX  on a ‘ Scan Disk Ultra Plus SD card; 64GB (yeah maybe over-kill: but it works great !) ; rated 10 with 40MB/s’.   994 more words

Raspberry Pi

Linux containers (LXC) on Arch Linux

Due to a recent Q&A from DistroWatch.com, I am considering the advantages of using the scheduled-release or fixed-release distros, especially Debian which is famed of its stability. 983 more words


Text boot : Getting rid of bootsplash/Plymouth in Manjaro or Arch Linux

I like seeing my kernel spewing messages on my terminal when I boot my PC. I like the transparency, the openness. Having kernel messages visible can also help in understanding certain boot issues. 197 more words


How to enable Gsky GS-27USB on ArchLinux

If you buyed an external wifi adapter like this and try to enable it on ArchLinux just installing the driver rt2870 you will obtain the following error: 235 more words


The masses have spoken: The '41s

I wasn’t expecting the avalanche of replies and e-mails asking — sometimes demanding — to hear more about the hardware I have in the house right now. 1,681 more words


Cleaning Up

I recently checked the disk usage on my Arch Linux system and was surprised to find that the root partition was 99% full!

systemd Logs… 166 more words

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