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The masses have spoken: The '41s

I wasn’t expecting the avalanche of replies and e-mails asking — sometimes demanding — to hear more about the hardware I have in the house right now. 1,681 more words


Cleaning Up

I recently checked the disk usage on my Arch Linux system and was surprised to find that the root partition was 99% full!

systemd Logs… 166 more words

Arch Linux

The trailing edge of the wave: The CTX EzBook 800

For as many times as I’ve introduced old laptops on this blog, you’d think I’d have a formula or a template page tucked away somewhere. 1,587 more words


Bash Completion -

Bash completion is a cool bash-specific feature that allows autocompletion of text fields in the CLI.

For instance, ‘pacman -Ss bash-c<tab><tab>’ will automatically complete to ‘pacman -Ss bash-completion’. 231 more words


Console Colour - prompts and tools

Throughout the last week, I have been working on adding colour to the my console. I like colour :).

Colour in a console is achieved through using… 166 more words


restoring startx behavior after upgrading to xorg-server 1.16

Arch Linux has been imposing an increasing maintenance toll as of late. Many of the changes now feel more like creating solutions so people have problems to work out. 52 more words


Chromium App Launcher on Linux

With Chromium 36, Google introduced its App Launcher on Linux.

It now integrates natively under Gnome Shell (and presumably others) and can be found searching for ‘Chromium App Launcher’. 40 more words