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restoring startx behavior after upgrading to xorg-server 1.16

Arch Linux has been imposing an increasing maintenance toll as of late. Many of the changes now feel more like creating solutions so people have problems to work out. 52 more words


Chromium App Launcher on Linux

With Chromium 36, Google introduced its App Launcher on Linux.

It now integrates natively under Gnome Shell (and presumably others) and can be found searching for ‘Chromium App Launcher’. 40 more words


KDE Plasma 5 is out..!!

Okay, now you know what I’m gonna talk about. I won’t give much of details about the features. I will just tell you how to install and some links to read more. 245 more words

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blackbox, as seen in the wake of Openbox

I haven’t posted much here lately, and that’s a sure-fire sign that I’ve been quite busy. You probably know what with. ;)

Yes, after literally years of baby-stepping through the alphabet… 760 more words


Enabling Networking between KVM host and guests.

In this post, I describe how to realise L2 reachability between KVM host and guest on Arch Linux.
There are several interface mode on KVM guests. 153 more words


Screen Blanking

By default, my screen automatically blanks after 10 minutes of inactivity. This is fine most of the time. When I want to make sure the screen stays on, I run the following command: 19 more words

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Managing the Menu

When a new program is installed, IceWM doesn’t automatically add the program to the menu. That’s not much of a problem, though.

It’s possible to manage the menu using manual editing but that doesn’t seem like the right solution. 222 more words

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