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Installing Arch Linux Ver.2014.09.03 on VirtualBox/System Part 2

I’ll be concerned with the installation of audio, user creation, wired/wireless drivers(system users), virtualbox guest additions(Virtualbox users).

Once you start your system, you can login as root. 721 more words


arch linux saving yaourt packages or tarballs

1. make directory

# mkdir -p /var/cache/pacman/pkg-local
# chmod 766 /var/cache/pacman/pkg-local

2. forcing cache to save builds
edit /etc/yaourtrc
and include line below

ExportToLocalRepository /var/cache/pacman/pkg-local

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tweaking raspbian on the raspberry pi B+

I spent some time today working with the latest Raspbian, tweaking it to work with my Apple keyboard.

Just as with Arch Linux (see “ 406 more words


Installing the old but legendary UT2003 (Physical Copy) on current linux systems!

Ok, so for anyone who has done this in the past when it worked with no problems, should remember how it was possible to install. The third CD of the physical UT2003 disk had a linux_installer.sh file. 560 more words

raspberry pi b+ - arch linux update and future plans

Back in August I picked up two new little computers, the Raspberry Pi B+ and a Beaglebone Black Rev C. I moved my rolling Arch Linux for Arm from my older Raspberry Pi B to the B+. 470 more words

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Tips: Arch Linux: How to resolve "error: duplicated database entry '' " error message

Follow the below steps to resolve the issue,

check for versions in local folder

ls /var/lib/pacman/local/ | grep <pkgname>

You should see more then one version mentioned as below…

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Releasing a Distro

I’m releasing my first Distro, RetailOS. It’s in the testing phase and the reason why I am releasing it is for feed back on what improvements are needed. 50 more words

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