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La Venta 6: Ceremonial Center

The Great Pyramid of La Venta is flanked on both the north and south by large plazas surrounded by raised ceremonial platforms, which today look like hills, bur are all artificial human constructions by the Olmec’s from the early first millennium BC.   53 more words


La Venta 5: Olmec Stelae

The Olmec carved stelae (engraved standing stones) as commemoration or royal achievements or religious events at La Venta.


La Venta 4: Olmec Sculpture

The La Venta site is rich in Olmec sculpture, usually of kings or deities.


La Venta 3: Great Pyramid

The great pyramid of La Venta is one of the earliest ritual sites in the New World.  Dating to the early first millennium BC, the earthen pyramid now looks like a hill, but is an artificial mound probably originally with a wooden temple on top.   37 more words


Palenque 1: Tomb of the Red Queen

The stunning Classic Maya city of Palenque contains a number of beautiful monuments.  One of the most interesting is the Tomb of the Red Queen… 51 more words


Epigraphy Study -Field Visit Around Senji-IV – Thondur

The fourth place we visited was Thondur. It is about 20 km from Senji(Gingee). A beautiful Vishnu belonging to Pallava period most likely Mahendra Varma period is engraved on piece of rock amidst groundnut fields. 157 more words

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La Venta 2: Olmec Artifacts

The archaeological museum at the La Venta archaeological site contains a number of important Olmec artifacts, dating to the first half of the first millennium BC.