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Lost Egyptian Carving Found in Sudan

Archaeologist have discovered an Egyptian carving depicting what they believe to be the ancient Egyptian god Amun. The artifact is said to date back more then 3,400 years, and is also believed to be connected with Pharaoh Akhenaten. 86 more words


Much To Talk About-52

When you cannot be consistent in your posting, it becomes hard to decide where to begin. When you have to use a foreign computer, not your own personal one, and in a location that is not conducive to addressing the issues raised in the many different articles one can make mistakes. 2,723 more words

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New discovery at Palmyra

I have found a Semitic temple at Palmyra may have been designed using the same method used at the Jerusalem Temple and in the Israelite temple at Arad. 36 more words


OAA In the News: Popular Archaeology Magazine

In addition to picking up our blog Adventures in Digital Archaeology, Popular Archaeology Magazine wrote a cover feature on our work advancing Digital Archaeology with Open Access Antiquarianism: 16 more words

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The Matter of Ethics in Osteology

A wide-eyed stare or a long, drawn out “okaaayyyy” is not an uncommon reaction when I tell people I work with skeletons.That, or they seem to look at me like I’m a crazy person, possibly imagining I hang bones on the walls in my bedroom and associate only with the skeletons in the lab instead of with other living human beings.I tried explaining what I do to a religious woman once, and she promptly crossed me, muttered a prayer and changed the conversation. 1,152 more words


West Bailey Corfe Day 4 Into the Garden

We had to cope without Ray, our front of house manager. Although irreplaceable, we did our best by rapidly annotating our illustrations with marker pen. Still very hot but a bit of a breeze so carefully placed Purbeck limestone rocks to hold the interpretation in place. 303 more words


400-Year-Old Crucifix Found

By a Canadian student:

It is tiny in size — measuring only 1.1 inches in width — and its top is broken, but a 400- year-old copper crucifix found at Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula earlier in July has big historical significance, according to historians.

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