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Statue of Demeter Found/Recovered

Brief item from Greek Reporter:

A statue, believed to be the ancient Greek goddess Demeter, has been unearthed at an illegal excavation in Simav, western Turkey.

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Stuff in the loft

We’ve been having a good old clear out of our loft, and though we haven’t found any cash in the attic, or, indeed, anything of massive value, I was excited to find quite a lot of things I’d forgotten I had. 448 more words


Archaeologies of Cremation: Death and Fire in Europe’s Past

Archaeologies of Cremation

In an earlier blog postings here and here, I discussed a session I co-organised at the 2012 European Association for Archaeologists conference in Helsinki, Finland with… 391 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory


Sorry for the slight break in communications. I’ve been on holiday and then, as always seems to happen to me when I have time off, I have been a bit ill over the Bank Holiday. 184 more words


The Unexplored Heart -- My second historical romance/adventure novel


The Unexplored Heart — The official blurb:

 Impoverished but proud Vanessa Danforth is forced from he mother’s home by her new stepfather’s treachery in 1860s England. 605 more words

Happy Easter (Island)

Okay, it’s a pretty tenuous link between the holiday many of you are probably celebrating and Easter Island. But is was a good excuse for me to learn a little bit more about a place that I’ve always found fascinating. 273 more words


Datchworth Church

Something a little different this time. The CAGG team were asked a favour by the Parochial Church Council at Datchworth.  Basically, they are running out of space in the graveyard.   400 more words