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Jobs at DOC: Andrew Blanshard - Services Ranger

Come behind the scenes and into the jobs, the challenges, the highlights, and the personalities of the people who work at the Department of Conservation (DOC). 524 more words

Jobs At DOC

Genomic diversity and admixture differs for stone-age Scandinavian foragers and farmers

Scientists report a breakthrough on understanding the demographic history of Stone-Age humans. A genomic analysis of eleven Stone-Age human remains from Scandinavia revealed that expanding Stone-age farmers assimilated local hunter-gatherers, and that the hunter-gatherers were historically in lower numbers than the farmers. 660 more words


Oldest pterodactyloid species discovered: Primitive flying reptile took wing 163 million years ago

Scientists have discovered and named the earliest and most primitive pterodactyloid — a group of flying reptiles that would go on to become the largest known flying creatures to have ever existed — and established they flew above Earth some 163 million years ago, longer than previously known. 757 more words


Time-lapse Video from Timna!

Click here to watch a really cool time-lapse video taken by some students that were helping us on our excavation in Timna. You can see me pretty clearly in the center of the screen towards the back near the end of the video. Archaeology in motion!

Knidos revisited

We visited Knidos last year and posted about it here.  This year we went back, on the bike.  The road from Datça to Knidos is steep and twisty with lots of potholes.  110 more words


Editing Archaeology | Two recent achievements in print and online

Dear microburins,

A post-free month, and then two come along all at once! I dare say there’s a third fermenting somewhere in the back of my gaseous, bubbling, overly-knapped, conchoidially-fractured, corticated and (breath) patinated mind. 1,099 more words

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