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From livescience: " Ancient Farmhouse Found in Israel Reveals Agricultural Secrets"

December 17, 2014
Laura Geggel

An ancient farmhouse dating back to 2,800 years ago — complete with 23 rooms, winepresses and a grain silo — is no longer lost to the ages. 529 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Cliff Palace and the Ancient Pueblo People

On the 18th of December 1888, Richard Wetherill, explorer, guide and excavator to-be, along with his friend Charlie Mason, both cowboys from Mancos, found Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde after noticing the ruins from the top of the highland. 681 more words


Archaeology, once again, contributes to the accuracy of the Biblical narrative.

The finds contribute significantly to an ongoing debate in the archaeological community about whether governments or states existed in the early Iron Ages. The artifacts hold far-reaching implications for the growing number of scholars who maintain that such political organization occurred much later than biblical texts suggest. 167 more words

Digging Christchurch: Underground Overground Archaeology display

Underground Overground Archaeology have a fascinating collection of old stuff on display at South Library. A recent find is some old hats dug from the new Justice Precinct. 136 more words


Egypt: Counting the Mummies at Fag el-Gamous

A team of archaeologists from the United States’ Brigham Young University (here on abbreviated as BYU) are excavating a discovered cemetery dated to when the Romans ruled Egypt, specifically between 1 and 7 AD/CE. 294 more words

Daily Mail

Sorting the Small Stuff

Far more than any other members of the Castle Archaeology team, Ken Kosidlo and John Heintz have spent countless hours sorting the “heavy fraction” of flotation samples from our excavations at the late Prehistoric Clunie site. 417 more words


2014 Gift Guide for Archaeologists


It’s kind of last minute, but that’s also the way we write our conference papers.

This time of year there are a slew of online gift guides. 1,113 more words