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In the Spotlight: Eldin M

So, tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Eldin and I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in the heart of the Europe. 1,033 more words

Tomb Raider

Urban Exploration

Excellent  video exploring the ideas, motivations and practices around urban exploration of ruined buildings.


New Blooms in the Garden

There has been a remarkable amount of change and growth in the gardens over the last week, mostly it has been due to the 1.5 inches of rain that we have had over the last week. 160 more words

Coronado Historic Site

Archeologists Unearth Alien-Like Skulls In A Mexico Cemetery

Archeologists have unearthed what looks like a cone-shaped alien skull from 1,000 years ago in Mexico.

The skull, which dates from 945 A.D. to 1308 A.D., was discovered accidentally while digging an irrigation system in the northwest state of Sonora in Mexico. 274 more words

Earth & Humanity's Hidden History

200-Year-Old Bottle of Seltzer Found in Shipwreck

Polish archaeologists have recovered one of the world’s oldest intact bottles of mineral water from a shipwreck lying on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. 302 more words


Investigating Unhealthy Mummies

After studying ancient Egyptian, Peruvian, Native American, and Mongolian mummies, medical researchers with a group known as the HORUS study team have found evidence for narrowing of ancient peoples’ arteries due to high build up of fatty deposits, a condition known as atherosclerosis, which can contribute to a number of heart problems. 7 more words


Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Digging

Exactly five weeks since we stepped foot back unto American soil, I am once again revisiting our two-week adventure in France known as the Piette program. 459 more words