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An open letter to Amal Clooney née Alamuddin on Restitution

Dear Mrs. Clooney,
With the deepest respect for your concern regarding the Parthenon marbles, I write you to share my perspective on restitution and offer humble advice for your endeavors. 2,460 more words


re-entering the english world

Whew! This has been an exhausting few weeks!

I’m currently in Oxford, and said goodbye to the Balkans last Friday morning at the God-awful time of a 5am flight. 1,865 more words


Archaeology As Sideshow: Digging Up the Dead

I wanted to be a lot of things when I was little: superhero, paleontologist, CHiPs officer, fireman, Jedi, wizard, pope, etc.  One of my more lasting pipe dreams however, was to become an archaeologist, and that early interest in archeology has stayed with me lo these many years later.   619 more words


Day 12 - Sightseeing Rennes, the most colorful city

Wstaliśmy o 11. Do tej pory zastanawiam się jak to było możliwe. Rennes jest całkiem dużym miastem (posiada nawet metro) z dziwnie skomplikowaną komunikacją. Nie chodzi tutaj o dostępność czy to, że jest jakoś nielogicznie wszystko poskładane, a o… 1,124 more words


Older Than Stonehenge

“You’re pretty much guaranteed to ketch a broon troot there.”
– Tour guide in Kirkwall, pointing out
a favorite local fishing pond

Every once in a while we realize that we were in close connection to something really extraordinary and we had no idea it even existed.

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Trip Report - Exploring the Caja del Rio by Bike

Autumn is finally in full swing and the higher terrains are beginning to see their first snows. In light of this transition, it was time to seek lower ground and explore possibilities otherwise forgotten. 176 more words

Trip Report

Naples: Dirty But My Favorite

Naples may be dirty and the home of vulgar Italian, but it is hands down one of my favorite European cities. It is a favorite not only from this trip, but also my previous trip in 2011. 1,986 more words