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Horn Dancers of Gavrinis

Gavrinis in Brittany, France, is an exquisitely carved megalithic tomb. Sketchbook studies of this archaeological site have inspired me to create this piece.
Glass frit fused and slumped curved panel.

Glass Art

Viking treasure discovered in the Isle of Man | Granada - ITV News

Buried treasure from Viking and Medieval times has been discovered in the Isle of Man.A rare Viking gold ingot, a silver document seal, gold ring and 119 silver coins from the middle ages are considered highly valuable and rewards for the finders could reach tens of thousands of pounds. 13 more words


Forms of Subsistence, Subsistence Farming, the Bad (part 3)

Agricultural society is not all bumper crops and large families. The transition to a fully sedentary agricultural society was beset with problems. Indeed, some societies waffled between a hunter-gatherer and agricultural way of life; this would not have happened if agriculture was hands-down the best way to live. 747 more words

Ancient Civilizations

The strange case of the "vampire" burial in Venice.

In 2006 in Venice, Italy, archaeologists excavating a plague cemetery found something quite unusual: a skeleton with a brick in its mouth. They determined that the brick was likely placed there after death, and they later developed a hypothesis about how the brick got there spoiler alert: it involves vampires. 32 more words


Libyan artists in danger

This video says about itself:

Tadrart Acacus, UNESCO World Heritage Site

21 July 2009

Tadrart Acacus is a desert area in western Libya and is part of the Sahara.

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Human Rights

Gunung padang - Bangunan Prasejarah Terbesar di Dunia?

Hari ini, kita hidup pada masa di mana kemampuan komputer meningkat secara exponensial setiap 18 bulan sekali. Hal ini membawa kita kepada kehidupan yang mungkin bagi masyarakat ratusan tahun silam hanyalah sebuah impian atau sesuatu yang bersifat supranatural. 1,043 more words