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Society Outings 1946-47

Numerous society outings were held throughout the academic year.

October  27th, 1946 – The Wedge Tomb at Ballyedmonduff

November 10th, 1946 – The Bronze Age tomb at Tibradden and other nearby monuments… 138 more words

History Hunters - summer schools 2014

With all the whirlwind of New Found Land events this summer, we’ve barely had time to catch our breath let alone report on one of our favourite annual highlights – summer school. 471 more words

Ancient Egypt

Jersey hoard experts aim for 500 coins a week over three years

Archaeologists are aiming to remove and clean up to 500 coins a week for the next three years from a hoard found encased in mud, Jersey Heritage says. 15 more words


Jurassic mammals were picky eaters, new study finds

New analyses of tiny fossil mammals from Glamorgan, South Wales are shedding light on the function and diets of our earliest ancestors, a team reports. Mammals and their immediate ancestors from the Jurassic period (201-145 million years ago) developed new characteristics – such as better hearing and teeth capable of precise chewing. 474 more words


Evolution of marine crocodilians constrained by ocean temperatures

The ancestors of today’s crocodiles colonized the seas during warm phases and became extinct during cold phases, according to a new Anglo-French study which establishes a link between marine crocodilian diversity and the evolution of sea temperature over a period of more than 140 million years. 544 more words


Latin is a language as dead as dead can be...

It’s hard to maintain that you are a Roman enthusiast if you don’t know a little Latin. I can still remember the set texts for my O-level exam. 221 more words