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A cunning plan...

One of my beta readers (my wife Lizzie) dared to suggest that she hadn’t been entirely sure of the layout of Castle Calder – the fictitious Scottish castle where the story of The Witching Ground takes place. 331 more words



Past and present and future are not disjoined but joined. The greatest poet forms the consistence of what is to be from what has been and is.

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Life Without Comics

I’m back on Anglesey at the moment – metaphorically if not literally – doing new reconstruction images for the revised interpretation panels at Din Lligwy and Lligwy Chambered Tomb. 313 more words


Angel Stations - Gary Gibson (2004)

Gibson’s debut novel is a multi-character narrative space opera much in the style of Peter F Hamilton
Mankind has been able to travel out to the stars due to the discovery of Angel Stations; vast torus-shaped space stations surrounding wormholes which give instantaneous access to other stations in other parts of the galaxy. 545 more words


Centipede's genes reveal how life evolved on our planet

Centipedes, those many-legged creatures that startle us in our homes and gardens, have been genetically sequenced for the first time. An international team of over 100 scientists today reveals how this humble arthropod’s DNA gave them new insight into how life developed on our planet. 509 more words