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Running a mini archaeological excavation with a twist

To understand why archaeologists say certain things about prehistory it is important to understand how archaeologists work. Many museums and heritage sites try to do this by running sandpit digs. 1,056 more words

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Siberian elders vote to bury 2,500yo mummy to stop quakes, floods

A council of elders in Russia’s Altay Region voted to bury the mummy of a woman who lived in the region in the 5th century BC. 33 more words


End of the Road for Mes Aynak

Buddhistdoor International John Cannon

Archaeologists and conservationists are waging a battle against time to save as much as possible from Mes Aynak, an ancient Gandharan Buddhist monastic complex 30 minutes… 629 more words

Earth & Humanity's Hidden History

A Prehistoric UFO ~ The Eden Saga

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Hundreds of tiny metallic parts discovered in the Urals -dated 100,000 years or more- are pointing at an ancient technological civilization. 192 more words


Interviewing with a reporter i.e. Fact First Aid: archaeology and the press part 2

It has happened! After years of slaving away, you get a call from a reporter interested in interviewing you about your work. What do you do? 1,307 more words


Was Neanderthal shot by a time traveller? (Unlikely, but hey...)

ONE day in 1922, near Broken Hill, Southern Rhodesia now Zimbabwe, a skull was found. When it came to the attention of the British Museum, the curators were pleased.It was, in fact, a Neanderthal skull, and Neanderthal bones did not exactly come ten-a-penny.But the Broken Hill skull was special for other reasons. 10 more words


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