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Dino Dig 2014: Days 2-4

Nick, Katie, and I spent the last few days at Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Outside of touring the typical attractions, our activities ranged from mountain hiking in a hailstorm to mountain-top yodeling to hosting breakfast for a bison in our campground lot. 152 more words


July 7th, 2014: Maine News

Hello there listeners! We’re so glad the weekend is over and Monday is finally upon on. This week we discuss engineering, fashion, and interplanetary relations. … 33 more words


Archaeopteryx: first show off, then take-off.

Paleontologists are currently studying a new specimen of Archaeopteryx, which reveals previously unknown features of the plumage. The initial findings shed light on the original function of feathers and their recruitment for flight. 762 more words


World's oldest bird Archaeopteryx 'wore feather trousers'

The Earth’s oldest-known bird was a paleontological rock star that sported “feather trousers” on is legs.

Scientists on Wednesday described the best-preserved fossil of Archaeopteryx ever found, which showed that the ancient creature’s plumage was very similar to that of modern-day birds – and that it was capable of flying. 350 more words