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On Avialan Theropod Dinosaurs

I saw my favorite species of dinosaur, yesterday. Don’t let those science books fool you! Contrary to popular belief, dinosaurs were not wiped out in a massive extinction event, 65 Million years ago. 1,339 more words


Are Birds Really Dinosaurs? - Scientific Evidence for Creation

(by Bruce Malone, used with permission)
From magazines to newspapers… from museums to textbooks… the concept that dinosaurs turned into birds is presented as fact. Yet, this concept, like all the other supposed “facts” of evolution, is wrought with problems which are seldom exposed. 532 more words


Modern Day Dinosaurs

Not everything perished in the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event (the big asteroid that created an Ice Age which wiped out the dinosaurs). Small, elegant birds were once the largest, most meat-eating animals to walk that land. 887 more words


Bird stem evolved faster than other theropods

A new paper by Lee et al. (2014)
reported on their phylogenetic analysis of theropods employing 1549 characters. They found two drivers underlying the dinosaur-bird transition: 1) sustained miniaturization; and 2) the evolution of skeletal adaptations 4x faster than other dinosaurs. 345 more words


Dino Dig 2014: Days 2-4

Nick, Katie, and I spent the last few days at Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Outside of touring the typical attractions, our activities ranged from mountain hiking in a hailstorm to mountain-top yodeling to hosting breakfast for a bison in our campground lot. 152 more words


July 7th, 2014: Maine News

Hello there listeners! We’re so glad the weekend is over and Monday is finally upon on. This week we discuss engineering, fashion, and interplanetary relations. … 33 more words


Archaeopteryx: first show off, then take-off.

Paleontologists are currently studying a new specimen of Archaeopteryx, which reveals previously unknown features of the plumage. The initial findings shed light on the original function of feathers and their recruitment for flight. 762 more words