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Archaeopteryx at the museum

Not much to say here really, just a bit of a plug for the Natural History Museum in London. One of it’s most treasured displays is the very first Archaeopteryx fossil which was found in Germany in 1861, giving Darwin and Wallace some timely evidence for their newly published theory. 35 more words


feather-winged dinosaur
or sharp-toothed bird
perhaps something between
neither one nor the other

hard-hearted conservative
or soft-headed liberal
perhaps something between
neither one nor the other… 83 more words


Arch Madness: Elite 8 (Results and Commentary)

8 went in, 4 came out. Here is how the Elite 8 went down:

None of Archimedes’ accomplishments could prevent him from taking arrows to the knee. 164 more words



Today we have made a bold move into the future. With an obvious next step in our evolution as a globally recognized brand, we will official be leaving our shortened name behind.

70 more words

Arch Madness Round 1 (Results and Commentary)

64 arches began. Only half could handle the stress. Here are the editors’ picks to narrow our original 64 arches down to 32 for round 1 voting in the Punch Bowl’s Arch Madness Tournament: 414 more words


The Archaeopteryx, wonderful example of an early bird

The Archaeopteryx is an impressive genus of early bird found among the Late Jurassic (about 150 million years ago) shale in Baviera (southern Germany, when Europe was just an archipelago of islands in a shallow warm tropical sea closer to the Equator than it is now). 101 more words

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