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Lessons From Comic-Con.

I went to San Diego last weekend for Comic-Con International (Nerd-Fest 2014). Here are my take-aways.

  1. Dressing up is totally worth it. It’s a weird combination of public humiliation and your 15 minutes of fame.
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Check Out These 9 TV Show Crossovers You May Not Realize Even Happened

Crossovers have pretty much been around since the beginning of television. In fact,  in the ’90s it was pretty common for a network to grab its nearest Urkel (he was popping up everywhere), or Fresh Prince and place him in, say, an early episode of… 376 more words


Stay Classy, San Diego: Some Of Our Favorite Costumes Comic-Con Had To Offer

Starfleet bunnies cosplayed by Castle Corsetry, photographed by Howie Muzika.

In lieu of a Cosplay Of The Week feature, we’re instead going to share our favorite costumes from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. 331 more words


Today's Thing I Like: NSFW

This is NSFW. I repeat: NSFW. I cannot repeat this enough.

But…Archer! In Spaaaaace!

Today's Thing I Like

'The Horror in Smithville' - The Story, So Far...

Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today, Wednesday July 30th 2014, I am going to write and publish this review of my most favorite work (right now); … 4,140 more words


Best Episode of the Season: Archer Season 5

Season Analysis: Re-branded as Archer: Vice, the season-long transformation of ISIS into drug runners did not produce laughs as consistently as in previous years, but it was always admirable in its ambition. 238 more words


A long time ago there was a young samurai and his fiance who were deeply in love. One day, the fiance was walking through the forest when she was suddenly attacked by a man-eating tiger. 204 more words