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This Week in The Archers - Week Ending 18 April 2014

The week starts in chaos at St Stephens, with a guest appearance from Coco the Donkey. Its certainly not Belinda, and it tells. Shula’s world is a haze of donkeys and horses. 1,292 more words

This Week In The Archers - Week Ending 11 April 2014

Things are getting back to normal at Brookfield. The scars left by Ruth’s miscarriage are healing rather quickly thanks to David, Jill and Heather’s enforced intervention. 1,385 more words


South Island JAMA 2014

So once again the South Island Junior Archers Championships came round…. this year was different though as our small but rapidly growing club  were hosting them…the first big competition we’ve hosted. 680 more words

Manda's Musings

Happy Birthday, Shauna

Happy Birthday, Shauna, my Canadian daughter-in-law! My son’s wife.  My traveling daughter-in-law! I never know where in the world you’re going to be or where in the world you are!  130 more words



Welcome to British Soaps State Side!

I decided to start this blog to reach out to others who are interested in British Soaps that are aired in America.  63 more words

This Week in The Archers - Week Ending 4 April 2014

Yet another week starts at Brookfield, and its a sad start to the week with Saint Jill being hard at work to make sure that Ruth was getting her rest after the tragedy of losing her baby on the Friday. 1,166 more words


This Week in The Archers - Week Ending 28 March 2014

Yet again the week starts at Brookfield, and it seems David is getting soft in his old age. Maybe Ruth should remind him that she’s pregnant, not ill! 1,136 more words