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Bowhunting With Wood Arrows

As any experienced bowhunter knows, the selection of quality arrows is as important and involved as choosing a bow. Arrows that lack exactness, strength, and accuracy of flight make Bowhunting nearly impossible. 3,692 more words

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My Journey into Traditional Archery

As a Mission Alaska contributor and through out my whole life, I have hunted with my rifle. It was how I was raised and helped me ensure meat would be in my freezer for the winter. 285 more words

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Rose City Archery Factory Tour Video

We are Rose City Archery the world’s largest wood arrow manufacturer, join us on a factory tour with Jerry Dishion Owner and CEO.   All arrows are handmade from wood found here in Coquille Valley near Myrtle Point Oregon, we use %100 percent of the wood byproduct from the arrow making process. 22 more words

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Moving Turtles and Other Wildlife Due to Drought

Question: I live in San Luis Obispo and have a quick question regarding relocating three baby turtles. My wife and I have visited this small pond for quite some time, and due to the drought we are afraid that the turtles will die due to the pond getting smaller and smaller. 723 more words


"Getting Dialed" Traditional Archery Hunting Practice

We have only three days left till moose opens in Alaska for archery season, practice makes confidence.   Austin, Jordan, Pickle, and Crixus take to the 3D archery range for some practice for the upcoming hunting season.  Moose MEAT!



Day Three, the Jackrabbit and the Badger

While driving the pivot roads, Kelly spotted a badger that appeared to be chasing a jackrabbit. Here’s the photo.

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Nevada Anteope Hunt Day 2

Tried to post more about the hunt while I was at a Motel 8 in Battle Mountain. Unfortunately the internet service was not very reliable. I’m home now, and my antelope meat is safely in the fridge. 56 more words