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New Bear Arrows

The Bear “Grizz” arrows are here to honor Mr. Fred Bear and his hunting dangerous game with POC arrows all over the world. Fred killed more than a few Alaskan Grizzly Bears with POC arrow shafts and the Bear Razor Broad Head point. 441 more words

Port Orford Cedar Arrows

What a "Trophy Buck" is to me...The One That Got Away

Tonight was my last official bow hunt this season. The end of bow season is always sad. Soon the woods will be filled with “The Orange Army” and with every gunshot that rings out in the quiet my heart will sink as I imagine it to be one of the big bucks I have had my eye on being shot by my neighbor or heaven forbid a poacher. 718 more words

Archery Hunting


Reading Acorns for the Whitetail Hunt

Hunting trophy Whitetail deer feeding on acorns may be one of the most under rated hunt methods for the harvest of monster bucks. 666 more words


Whitetail Deer & Roller-coasters

Who would have thought Whitetail hunting would have such a roller-coaster ride of emotions.  The latest buck that I harvested, was also my largest to date, but that’s not all that’s special with this hunt.  851 more words


My First Buck Down

The first time for anything is something that remains an indelible memory for you. Whether it’s watching your first child’s step, attending your first George Straight concert, or first paycheck earned, you never forget it. 850 more words


A Mother and a Hunter

Let me introduce myself…My name is Katie Swaim. I am not a professional hunter. In fact 99% of the time I leave the woods with nothing more then a better outlook on life then I had when I went in. 690 more words


Hunter Safety System Launches the New “Buck Spotter” Mobile App

DANVILLE, Ala. (Oct. 29, 2014) – Just in time for the peak of hunting season, Hunter Safety System announces the launch of its new mobile app, “Buck Spotter,” available on iTunes and Google Play. 426 more words