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Archers Tips

Precision sports always intrigue me – from Darts, golf,  bisley, hunting, archery they are all about fine tolerances of millimeters over a pre set distance. Each discipline has it’s own set of variables and it’s own set of challenges. 222 more words


The dangers of dry firing your bow

Dry-firing your bow is something you will want to avoid at all costs. To help minimize your chances of dry-firing a bow you should always draw a bow with an arrow in it, and aim it at a target. 596 more words

OSCA launches 'Bringing Back The Heart' project.

The OSCA foundation is launching its England supported three year community sports development project ‘Bringing Back the Heart’ which will add new sport and physical activities to the well developed football and rugby league. 178 more words

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with their trunk so wide

it can hide a full-grown man

behind them,

will not deter me.

I must see beyond them

and take note… 136 more words


Dream #1 : Archery and Romantics~

I am in a room, suddenly there are 7 or 8 archers in front of me, traditional-japanese dressed and equipped with beautifully made ebony  longbows with blades on each side of the bow. 139 more words