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Loving yourself with Power

There are many archetypal traits in our psyche that plays up every once in a while, some are a life time show of characteristics in us and others have brief moments in certain circumstances. 867 more words

Introducing Rahim

The story of a dishwasher, older than ten, younger than fifteen, in Condus, the year 472 A.E.


Soft as kashmir, the woolen name kept him warm in winter’s chill and kindled the summer’s fire. 2,288 more words

Introducing Jen

The well-educated son of a high-ranking official, born in Nu-Kua, Capital of Tsao-Chun, .07.09.03, the Year of the Water Rooster.

The punctilious young man closed the door to Master’s home and asked Shentu and Yulu, fully armored with swords in hand, to watch over the house. 1,909 more words


Introducing Darrath

At the mountains west of Karaupp, winter.

Mountains didn’t use words like fjolla or kuksugare or fitte. They didn’t say things like “sug min kuk.” They didn’t call people freaks. 1,196 more words

shadows in fire flame

Another archetype  is the  fire. It holds a symbolic value of destruction and purification. it symbolize also strength and is connected with evil and mystery as well. 60 more words

Digital Art

When Black Gets Burned

Dressed in robes of vertical black and white stripes, Jamshed and Abduvali, carrying his own instrument, followed Ozoda through the darkness, fire light dancing upon her long, bell-sleeved white dress embroidered in black at the hem and cuff. 925 more words