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Why Read When You Know the End?

Whether you’re reading Mystery, Romance, Thriller, or Adventure, the ending is almost always predictable. We hope the bad guy will be caught, the couple that’s at odds with each other will come together, the deadly virus won’t kill everyone on Earth, and the hero will complete his quest. 358 more words

Cuteness, Archetypes, Konrad Lorenz, and "We Who Watch"

As visual creatures we’re programmed to respond to faces.  We project faces and human figures onto landscapes, the moon’s surface, cloud formations, etc.  We make quick judgments about others on the basis of their faces and habitual facial expressions. 589 more words



Als het toch allemaal
hetzelfde verhaal is,
waarom moet ik dan
telkens weer opnieuw
hetzelfde lesje leren?


Sunday Matinee: Entheogen - Awakening the Divine Within

Guten Tag Olympians!

For once a share that actually comports with the definition of matinee. Lol

I think my fellow seekers of the super-sensory subtlety will certainly find this one stimulating. 133 more words

Vid Vault

Clinical modelling, openEHR style

I wrote this document this week for other purposes, but decided that it is worth sharing more broadly. Thanks to Thomas Beale, aka @wolands_cat, for some final tweaking. 2,157 more words

Health Informatics

99 Names of Allah: 30-33

Bishmallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim


Often “considered virtually untranslatable,” the authors of Physicians of the Heart translate Latif as “subtle love” and to deepen an understanding of this, the 30th Divine Name, it is useful to examine the “various levels of meaning” as embodied in terms derived from the root L-T-F (99). 950 more words

Religion And Spirituality

The unknown substance conundrum...

Is it safe and sensible to record that a patient has had an adverse/allergic reaction to an unknown substance?

This is a question that is causing quite a stir in the HL7 Patient Care email list and I have no doubt that it will be a hot topic in the current FHIR/openEHR Adverse Reaction archetype review. 580 more words

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