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Dualism—the western paradigm. Simplified, dualism divides life into opposites. The oppositions exist, then, in conflict. Moreover, dualism imposes arbitrary limits on our thinking. Taken together, we wonder why we experience the political, economic, and environmental crises we face today. 213 more words

Who is Zeus anyway?

It wakes us up at night. It shatters the night’s darkness. It sears and cracks, shakes us to our bones, our foundations.

Lightning. Zeus’s tool, Zeus’s weapon. 808 more words

GYDW - Lesson Two

With the sudden passing of Mikey, I was feeling so much sadness that I ignored most of my journalling and me time. No, I didn’t quit, so much as I took time off to honor our sweet cat. 259 more words

About Me

Re-Visioning Eve

They are of inferior substance, of secondary importance to God.

They have no souls. They are the gateway for the devil. How does the devil enter the world through a woman? 1,485 more words


Here is a current perspective of what I am up to today concerning The Rainbow Paradigm and natural law.
This is a ‘Written Statement’ required as part of the application process for the Master’s Depth Psychology Program that I am interested in at Sonoma State University. 1,314 more words

Character Names

Due to some of my daily experiences (A.K.A. life), it occurred to me that I should probably keep a list of character names, good and bad, that I associate with certain archetypes. 82 more words


A Rainstorm

Then, with a gentle breeze wafting across the tree tops, it commenced.

A fine brocade of waters in the last rays of twilight did the wind weave; crickets chirped, a stork on the opposite shore croaked when the wind moaned. 650 more words