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On the Renaissance of the Divas (Part I)

In a Divas division stocked primarily with vacant hotties, Paige and AJ are finally telling an honest catfight story. Most of WWE’s divas are delightful performers, but as actresses they lack depth of character. 425 more words

M15: U/R artifacts

The playability of Aeronaut Tinkerer, Chief Engineer, Ensoul Artifact, Scrapyard Mongrel, and Shrapnel Blast all depend, at least in part, on the number and quality of artifacts in M15. 564 more words


99 Names of Allah: 39-42

Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim


Following Hafiz, a Name which relates to Allah’s protecting “everything in the heavens and earth” (Meyer et al. 52), the 39th Name, Muqit, “is the unlimited ability to provide for each and everything,” for with Muqit, the protection that is Hafiz “arrives to feed and nourish, to allow for survival” (53). 541 more words


Musing over Mead Pt. II

A regular at the Honey Kopp, Darrath knew better than to spoil his home turf and by in large, he did his bäst to remain cordial to those like the skittish-eyed Abjǫrn kolbrún and the skull-cleaving dragon of bedlam Ormhildr hausakljúfr. 1,556 more words


Archetype by M.D. Waters

Hey guys!!! Okay, so while I was off trying to figure out my health weirdnesses, I read this book and I didn’t want to stop. I really didn’t. 426 more words

Book Reviews

Life in the Big City

Strange sometimes are the things that can change one’s world. The little things, the things you might never consider beyond a simple passing eyeshot. But that’s what happened when Erosoi and Uathach watched the glassblowers. 879 more words


The Doors of Perception: Only Slightly Ajar

“It seems that whatever we perceive is organized into patterns for which we, the perceivers, are largely responsible. Perceiving is not a matter of passively allowing an organ–say of sight or hearing–to receive a ready-made impression from without, like a palette receiving a spot of paint…It is generally agreed that…

791 more words