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Healer Specialist ACFs

Just a simple addition for today. Placing a couple of what would be Alternate Class Features as mini-archetypes, both focused on healing in each class’s unique way. 265 more words


He is a small baby

He is a small baby, very thin and not very strong, but dogged. He has dark hair and a dark cast to his skin, but he doesn’t have much color, much pink. 157 more words

Cool Mull

Friday Class! #4!

Today in class we will:

We will warm up with this music.

Watch this clip of “How to be a Real Indian.”

Answer these questions… 40 more words

33: Exploring archetypes: the Thrill-seeker

Will your VW make it to the top of the mountain? Are you pushing 400 hp or sitting at a stock 250?

With great risk comes great reward, for you, the thrill seeker. 347 more words

32: Exploring Archetypes: VW - The explorer

Whether you’re exploring the back roads of Europe, or cruising across the American highway, Volkswagen will always be there to explore with you.

Understanding the world around you in only possible through exploring it. 293 more words


Markku Jantunen’s Definition of the 8 Functions


Ne is perceiving abstract patterns and connections in response to stimuli (either in the external world or in the mind. 258 more words


Post 28: Archetype_ Superman

The word archetype really makes me think of a hero or someone that is in charge. so the first hero that popped into my head was superman. 181 more words