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For the Love of It

“Tantra was not an intellectual exercise for me, but an internal urge, a call to understand the truth that is the source and underlying principle of everything, the truth that fashions the contours of our creative expression,” G.R. 508 more words


The Aramaic Lord's Prayer

I am listening to the Way of Mastery – deepenings at the One Who Wakes-website – and have lately sensed a huge resistance to BE with God, and especially the Aramaic version of Our Father. 279 more words

A Course In Miracles Blog

The Absolute Book

“Superimposed on the notion of a God who speaks with men in order to command them to do something or to forbid them to do something was that of the Absolute Book, of a Sacred Scripture. 161 more words


M15: Expected numbers of copies of a card

Magic 2015 has 269 cards: 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, and 15 mythics. This means that an 8-person M15/M15/M15 draft will have an average of 2.4 copies of a given common, 0.9 copies of a given uncommon, 0.4 copies of a given rare, and 0.2 copies of a given mythic. 55 more words

Magic 2015

Molière's Tartuffe & Northrop Frye

Elmire, Tartuffe, by Tammy Grimes, 1977; costume by Zack Brown

This post is based on an article originally posted on 7 January 2012. In its earlier version, it had to do with Canadian literary critic Northrop Frye’s… 1,395 more words


Mary Magdalene and Margaret Starbird.....

July 22nd is the day of Mary Magdalene


Celebrating the Archetypal Bride and Bridegroom 

The Christian Gospels say nothing specific about the marital status of Jesus, but the Hebrew language had no word for “bachelor” in the first century A.D., probably because marriage was a “cultural imperative” in their society.   290 more words


The New Myths: A Conversation with Willi Paul

I just completed an interesting online conversation in PlanetShifter Magazine with mythologist Willi Paul in which we interviewed each other on the subject of the “new myths.” Many of Willi’s questions to me are based on my June 23 post below.  2,267 more words

New Myths