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The Tower of I

Following text is a result of my random reflections on various subjects like the Self, Reality and Life, adding slightly a flavor of Elder Scrolls metaphysics and Jungian concepts. 4,110 more words

How "My Story Can Beat Up Your Story" Works: The Characters

Part 1 explains what the heck I’m doing here, and also all the plot-related stuff in the My Story Can Beat Up Your Story system by Jeffrey Alan Schechter. 696 more words


Class 2 - week of September 15

Today we will delve more deeply into the Hero’s Journey.

All the work you need to do is right here:


You can also find it in your Google Drive Baum’s English folder under Archetypes… 15 more words

Obsession & Observation: Monster Theory

As promised, I am going to reveal my obsession that has plagued my life every since I found myself a college graduate and unemployed: Game of Thrones. 595 more words

On Writing

Dragon Dialogues


It is fascinating for me to see how synchronous these topics are being as they come up; I suppose that is because they are sequenced within a definite process. 532 more words


Archetype Journals

Archetype Journal: Students will analyze archetypes in familiar media.

Students should select two of the four journals to complete.  Journals are Due Friday, 9/19.

English 10