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Card of the Day - J♥ - Jack of Hearts (Cups)

10/24 – a J♥ day:


The J♥ is equivalent to the Knight of Cups in the Tarot. J♥ can sometimes manifest as sacrifice for those we love. 124 more words


Friday Class! #4!

Today in class we will:

We will warm up with this music.

Watch this clip of “How to be a Real Indian.”

Answer these questions… 40 more words

Dream: 10.23.14

I remember more than just the dream elements, but I don’t remember the plot, if there even was one. This dream was very disjointed.

+++ 1,304 more words


Rumours, Lies and Archetypes

I met with Beverly ‘Amari’ Blaize a Psychotherapist that specializes in the Transpersonal; a school of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. 1,187 more words


Three Thoughts for the Eclipse: Light Meets Life

Karena A Karras, “The Bath”

I.”The Zodiac & the Dying/Rising God
While the daily rising and setting of the sun told the tale of Atum -Re’s deadly boat journey, the moon’s monthly crescendo and diminuendo portrayed the myth of Inanna’s death and rebirth.  766 more words


Looking at Character: Everyone Can Be A Hero!

I wanted to step away from some of the more politically and emotionally charged articles and reblogs I’ve been doing lately, vital as they are, to touch on some lighter writing topics.  475 more words