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In Honor of Earth Day: Gaia

Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Artemis. The Olympian goddesses, all unique, all clearly defined. All come from ultimately from Gaia, the primordial earth goddess and today, in honor of her, I ask the question, as I have of… 583 more words


When Black Gets Burned

Dressed in robes of vertical black and white stripes, Jamshed and Abduvali, carrying his own instrument, followed Ozoda through the darkness, fire light dancing upon her long, bell-sleeved white dress embroidered in black at the hem and cuff. 925 more words


Simbiote Part 3 Superconscious

Mankind’s vanity has resulted in numerous attempts to explain how humans differ from the rest of the animal kingdom and what makes us the superior species on Earth. 1,719 more words

Alternative Thinking

Who is Hades anyway?

 Aidoneus, the Unseen. Trophonios, the Nourisher. Polydegmon, the Receiver. Euboulos, the Good Counselor.      Ploutos, the Wealth-Giving.

Such are just a few of Hades’s many epithets, names used in Greek myth more often than the name “Hades” itself. 1,987 more words

A tree grows....

…and it’s a very slow-growing tree. But as I’ve mentioned in some detail, I’m never really sure where to start or stop with trees. They don’t just “end” unambiguously like an animal does, and that causes me no end of trouble. 293 more words


On Change

I snapped this picture today in Toronto.  The words ‘you’ve changed‘ are intriguing…and they somehow seem judgmental. Certainly, there is sometimes an expectation that you should not change. 360 more words


The Therapy of Gardening

In response to my earlier post, “Celebrating Spring with Rumi (and Pictures),” I received today the most likes and new followers for my young blog in any one day. 1,235 more words