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A tree grows....

…and it’s a very slow-growing tree. But as I’ve mentioned in some detail, I’m never really sure where to start or stop with trees. They don’t just “end” unambiguously like an animal does, and that causes me no end of trouble. 293 more words


On Change

I snapped this picture today in Toronto.  The words ‘you’ve changed‘ are intriguing…and they somehow seem judgmental. Certainly, there is sometimes an expectation that you should not change. 360 more words


The Therapy of Gardening

In response to my earlier post, “Celebrating Spring with Rumi (and Pictures),” I received today the most likes and new followers for my young blog in any one day. 1,235 more words

Manic Pixie Dream Girls and Boys

So, this is a thing. No really, it is. And this trope is the only thing that saves me from the accusation that all my women characters are various iterations of me. 282 more words

A Start to Understanding Complexes

I’ve spoken a lot about the “archetypes of the functions” according to John Beebe’s model, but I’ve been reading a lot to slowly try to get a better handle of Jung’s concepts, and found stuff that really clarifies what these things we have been assigning to the functions (to give each function a “role” for each type) really are. 3,103 more words

The Human Experience


Dualism—the western paradigm. Simplified, dualism divides life into opposites. The oppositions exist, then, in conflict. Moreover, dualism imposes arbitrary limits on our thinking. Taken together, we wonder why we experience the political, economic, and environmental crises we face today. 213 more words