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In Greek legend Theseus is a national hero and the founder-king of Athens. He appears in the tale of Oedipus, among others. Theseus is probably best known for traveling to Crete and killing the Minotaur. 101 more words


Plot Challenge of the Week

So, my afternoon today consisted of preliminary research. What that looks like for me: I found about thirty-nine articles and three books (along with the 10 or so books I already have) on two different subjects that I’m going to be writing on this semester. 343 more words

Writing Challenge

The metamorphosis of Psyche ...

Psyche is the Greek word for both soul and a kind of moth.The moth is particularly appropriate because it is known for seeking the light. The tale of Cupid and Psyche was originally a Greek folk tale. 412 more words


Carl Jung "Your conception of the archetype as a psychic gene is quite possible."

To Elisabeth Metzger

Dear Frau Metzger, 7 February 1942

Your conception of the archetype as a psychic gene is quite possible.

It is also a plausible hypothesis that the archetype is produced by the original life urge and then gradually grows up into consciousness-with the qualification, however, that the innermost essence of the archetype can never become wholly conscious, since it is beyond the power of imagination and language to grasp and express its deepest nature. 94 more words

Carl Jung


( a little pantoum)

Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, 

you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.   130 more words

Humans And Other Animals

The Internal Feminine of Philip K. Dick

When he died in 1982, Philip K. Dick left about 2000 pages of manuscript, much of it hand written, laying around his house. Those pages were collected and edited into… 1,252 more words

Philosophy And Psychology

When You're a Warrior, Everyone is the Enemy

I recently bought a Beta fish for my son.  I was told by the salesperson that this fish cannot exist with other fish, that he would kill any fish I placed into his tank.   303 more words

Life Lessons