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Lughnassad....and the House of the Initiated Weavers

Te Whare Pora: The House of Initiated Weaving

Hineteiwaiwa is the Goddess I have worked with at this time of  of Lughnassad, a Celtic festival  named after the God Lugh who was revered for his skills and crafts. 269 more words


Out of the Dark Forest

Once there was an orphan in a Deep Pit. She had been stuck there a long time and she was very sad.  Deep inside she knew she was not meant to be there.  406 more words

Dark Forest

The Body-Mind and the Hero: The Integrative Mythdream

The integrative mythdream is an archetypal meditation that has grown out of my depth psychology studies and my personal contemplative practice. It allows us to encounter the archetypes through their personification in mythology. 2,444 more words



Tell me about risk.

About walking through thunder,

loving too hard,

throwing yourself at crowds.

What does safety matter?

Your grandmothers crossed great rivers.

They carried babies, cooking pots, 83 more words

Humans And Other Animals

99 Names of Allah: 34-38

Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

With Ramadan coming to a close, I, unless I compose roughly twenty brief discussions on the remaining 66 Divine of Allah, will not finish what I hoped to do. 1,505 more words

Religion And Spirituality

The Multiple Threads of Your Life Story

I’d like to invite you next to consider whether your Life Story might actually be playing itself out according to more than one Genre.  This week I have introduced you to three story types or genres that Life Stories represent: Comic Epic-Adventure, Tragic Epic-Adventure, and Episodic. 1,020 more words



I’ve never really had a firm belief system. I grew up in an atheist/agnostic household reading mythology. My favourites were always Egyptian, Greek, and Norse. Growing up I’ve been a fluffy-bunny pagan, an Isian-pagan, and Kemetic (even going so far as to swear sacred oaths to my matron). 158 more words