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We love grain!!!

Our grain love heart was put on Bullseye today!!!

Sustainable Living (Part 6 - Final Part)

As you can see in the other 5 sections of Sustainable living, we have outlined what ‘Food Wastage’ is, how it occurs and ways to reduce it – such as not over purchasing or making poor purchases. 68 more words

Sustainable Strategies to reduce wastage (Sustainable Living - Part 5)

What are some sustainable strategies to reduce wastage?

- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

- Feed food scraps to animals

- Eat left overs

- Dont… 55 more words

What is poor food purchasing choices? (Sustainable Living - Part 4)

Poor food purchases is making silly or bad decisions when purchasing foods. For example:

- Over Purchasing

- Buying offers such as ‘Buy 4 bananas for the price of 3′ and knowing that you will only be able to eat 1 of them. 79 more words

How does food wastage occur?? (Sustainable Living - Part 3)

Food wastage occurs when:

- Food that is perfectly fine is thrown away rather an eaten.

- When you reject or get rid of fruit and vegetables that are bruised, damaged or wrinkled. 14 more words

Food Wastage in The Allstars (Primary) Class (Sustainable Living - Part 2)

The allstars class (3-6 Class) discussed this in class, this is some of the information they found out about their food wastage:

-Over ¾ … 100 more words

What is Food Wastage? (Sustainable Living - Part 1)

What is food wastage?

Food Waste is a large range of things, it can include:

-Throwing away or getting rid of food that is perfectly fine… 115 more words