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Frank Lloyd Wright house still delights in West Lafayette

Frank Lloyd Wright is the most famous of American architects, and Greater Lafayette has an outstanding example of his residential work.  Owned by John Christian, the original owner, SAMARA entertains hundreds of guests and visitors annually.     10 more words

This Deserted Ohio Mall Used to Be the World's Largest - Architizer

Vacuous, empty space is creepy to me.  When walls and ceilings are that far away you have to ask, “Am I really inside or a kind of sheltered outside?”  Never is this issue so true than in abandoned shopping malls.   93 more words

Open plan office designs unpopular with workers, damage productivity

Wow! Does this open a can of worms.  I’ve heard it every way possible.  Some people love open offices.  Some people hate them.  Some people crave their privacy, but complain when their space is nothing more than a carpet-walled cubicle.   69 more words

Less, But Better | Principles of Good Design. | A Continuous Lean.

Certain products work far better than simlar products that claim to do the same thing.  Why is this?  The answer, almost always, is found in the design of the product itself.   113 more words

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John Wender Got BACK!

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Perfect song to describe the rump on John Benjamin Wender. 744 more words


Weekend activity

The Sims 2. The most addicted life simulation video game. I’ve played The Sims since 2005. It is almost 9 years and still counting more. One of my college friend was introduced this game to me. 124 more words