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Cary Siress is

an architect.

a Senior Researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) in Singapore.

a Guest Professor at the Graduate School of Architecture of Nanjing, China. 152 more words


A Simple, Elegant Invention That Draws Water From Air : NPR

I have no idea if this thing really works.  This article says it does, so I want believe it.  I also want to believe that it cost significatly less than many other similar products.   36 more words

Architect challenges Miami to develop a pre-design plan

Rafael Fornés argues that Miami is ruining its coastline.

Rafael Fornés, architect and former professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture, says Miami isn’t making very good use of it coastline. 130 more words


Quick visit on job I only did Design & Planning on...

I wrote THIS blog post about how architects can do more than just the pretty bit with the design and planning and the benefits of using them throughout the detailing and construction process. 146 more words


The Next Chapter

We began planning to renovate The Glade in April of 2011 by hiring an architect who took about a year to get us actual working drawings. 248 more words


Will Your Next Building Be Made of LEGOs?

Will your next building be made of LEGOs? No, not those tiny bricks your kids leave all over the house that you step on in the middle of the night and end up screaming like a banshee about. 143 more words