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God Bless the Kings

The town of Mitchelstown, County Cork evolved around a mediaeval castle controlled by the FitzGibbons, otherwise known as the White Knights. Maurice FitzGibbon, twelth and last White Knight died in 1611 without male heirs and so the estate passed to his only sister Margaret; three years later she married Sir William Fenton whose English-born father Geoffrey had come to Ireland in 1580 with the country’s then-Lord Deputy Lord Grey de Wilton and subsequently risen to be Principal Secretary of State in Ireland. 1,257 more words

Architectural History

A Man of Acton

Over the chimney piece in the dining room at Ballyfin, County Laois, an oil of Mary Anne, Lady Acton and her children painted in 1809 by the neo-classical artist Robert Fagan. 138 more words

Architectural History

The Saddest Place in London: A Story of Self-Sacrifice

Tucked away in a quiet area of East London is a peaceful place that goes by the unassuming name of Postman’s Park (left), so called because it once stood in the shadow of the city’s old General Post Office building.  905 more words


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The Chirurgeon's Apprentice has a posted an article about Postman's Park. Postman's Park is a small unassuming park in London that celebrates "everyday heroes" whose bravery led to their deaths. This touching memorial was the passion project of artist Fredric Watts. Even today new heroic stories are being added.

Built for the Bride

One of a pair of highly distinctive lodges with polygonal towers that flank the gates to Bridestown, County Cork. According to Mark Bence-Jones, these and the range of forecourt buildings behind were built in the middle of the 18th century by a local merchant Jonathan Morgan, to please his French bride who he had met while on business in Bordeaux. 56 more words

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Preservation 101: Rot (Which is Not Hot and Looks Like Snot)

As we have discussed, water is a B**** in capital letters and Nature will always win. Decomposition is natural, beneficial, and absolutely essential to the cycle of life- but it is rarely a pretty process. 719 more words

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New Blood for New Hall

County Clare folklore tells how a member of the O’Brien family living in a large house close to Killone Lake noticed supplies of wine in his cellar were being inexplicably depleted. 1,762 more words

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Going, Going, Gone

Above is a photograph of the library at Bantry House, County Cork taken in the early 1970s for Irish Houses and Castles by Desmond Guinness and William Ryan. 122 more words

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