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How to photograph history

In teaching my documentary photography course in Alaska, I took the class out of the classroom to shot historic buildings in Anchorage.  One of the students, an engineer for the National Park Service was an excellent nature photographer,shooting 4 x 5 (most of the others were shooting small digital cameras).   180 more words

Architectural Photography

For the Present III

In 1972 Mariga Guinness claimed that Ireland ‘has more follies to the acre than anywhere else in the world.’ The assertion has yet to be verified (has anyone actually traversed every acre of the country in search of follies?) but we certainly have our ample share of these whimsical edifices. 176 more words

Architectural History

The last pillar of Pudu Jail

Built in 1895, it is one the city’s oldest buildings. Unfortunately mega corporations have torn down a piece of history to make way for condos, malls, highways. 30 more words

Kuala Lumpur

The Untriumphal Arch

Arch Hall, County Meath, the house shown above, is a tantalising mystery. Who was the architect? When was it built? And for whom? Answers to all these questions, and others, have been proposed and while convincing they cannot be absolutely verified. 912 more words

Architectural History

Supply and Demand

Fermoy, County Cork owes its origins to Scottish entrepreneur John Anderson who settled in this part of the country in 1780. The following decade he bought land on the Blackwater river and there developed a town, its growth greatly helped by the presence of a military barracks which Anderson also built. 165 more words

Architectural History

A Brand New ArchitectureRichmond

In 2011, three friends, Mario Accordino, Don O’Keefe, and Ed Slipek, had an idea for a way to give something back to their native city of Richmond. 281 more words