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Autumn in London

Taking a break from the Africa work – here are some of the shots I’ve taken in my spare time during the last few months, in London..

Architectural Photography

[vi:n] III

We’re nearing the end of another year, and this might be my final post in it, so have an aphorism:

If those seemingly endless months have taught me anything; it’s that life doesn’t care if you work hard. 197 more words


[vi:n] .II

Yet again I’ve come to realize that I’m still doing a lot of things I can’t stand and think in ways that ultimately burden me, in an irrational attempt to conform to invisible norms and guidelines set by the mirrors that surround me. 300 more words


[vi:n] ..I

Vienna’s architecture and mood are the center of this nocturnal series of posts. As promised, I’ve directed my attention to the city’s historic locations. What occurred to me while strolling around town was that I’ve never really bothered to take a good look at those buildings before. 253 more words